[Review] Grind Your Bones To Dust – Nicholas Day

Dangerous, deadly creatures emerge from the night, leaving nothing but slaughter in their wake. But monstrous beasts aren’t the only evil haunting these pages. Enter a preacher and raven, determined to cause as much destruction as the flesh-eating donkeys in the desert.

It’s rare I would describe horror as beautiful but damn, is this book beautiful. And haunting and violent and absolutely, utterly mesmerising.

The novel is split into four parts, each distinct and fresh, feeling perfectly blended to the character the prose is following. Each character feels unique, with everything needed from a character; their own wants, desires, arcs. Their own voice. Each section bleeds wonderfully into the next, leaving the reader wanting more with every page. The imagery is striking, the landscape terrifying, the events gripping. Day paints a bleak, unrelenting world, in a story of loss, love, redemption and pure horror. This is not a novel for the faint of heart, but one which will, without a doubt, linger with the reader for a long time to come.

5/5 – Elle Turpitt

Published by Dead Head Reviews

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