[Review] – Black Rainbow by Scott Savino

By Elle Turpitt

I love a good anthology. I love when themed anthologies span genres, and when genre anthologies span themes. They’re an absolutely fantastic way to discover new favourite authors, and to explore a wide range of fiction. 

On all those levels, Black Rainbow does not disappoint.

Black Rainbow is an LGBTQIA anthology, written by LGBTQIA writers, containing LGBTQIA characters – different sexualities, different relationships, in the kind of diversity that really should be more common in horror (and fiction in general). There was not a single bad story in the whole anthology, and I found myself absolutely gripped by every single one. And this anthology reinforces something that’s been on my mind recently – good horror is often, at its core, about love. Whether it’s the sacrifices we make for the ones we love, the ways we harm them, or about trying to find it, love runs through these pages as much as horror, whether it’s subtle or not.

There really is something in here for every horror fan. From supernatural elements, including vampires, werewolves, old gods, cults, and strange creatures creeping out of the night, to more grounded horror, each story presents something different.

There were heart-warming stories, stories to send shivers down your spine, and stories to make you tear up. Some of the standouts, to me, were Curios and More, Mr Flip, It Should Be Raining, and The Last First Date of Bear Bloomfield. But I think this is one of those anthologies where everyone reading it will have a different favourite. 

This book is absolutely fantastic, and a must read for any fan of horror. Every story is brilliant, and on the whole the anthology is really well put together. Definitely check it out.

5/5 stars

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