[Review] – Midnight In The Graveyard

By Elle Turpitt

Coming October 1st 2019, through Silver Shamrock Publishing.

Midnight in the Graveyard is an anthology packed full of ghost stories: ghosts seeking closure, revenge, or just company. Each of these stories is guaranteed to send a chill down your spine.

The anthology contains some names familiar to any fan of horror. Authors who are quickly becoming some of the strongest voices in horror fiction today, and the short stories here show why. Each draws you into their world, whether it’s a town thriving on the ‘ghost trade’, an apocalyptic world where the dead roam, or a simple, small graveyard watched over by a caretaker. Characters within these pages will linger with the reader, as much as they linger in death. The stories each feel fresh and new, even when tackling old tropes, and provide new twists on one of the oldest aspects in horror.

With ghost stories, it would be easy to fall into cliché, but this anthology strays far from it. With powerful, compelling voices, and a few interesting twists, it’s hard to see where each story goes, and the reader must simply follow along, dragged in by each new tale presented.

Anyone who’s seen my reviews knows how much I love anthologies, and this one did not disappoint. It’s strong, fresh, and intriguing, sure to leave you awake at night and staring at that shadow in the corner, wondering what if…

With twenty-five different authors and twenty-five intriguing, creepy, eerie tales, this is another fantastic anthology well worth a read.

5/5 stars from me!

Buy directly from the publisher at silvershamrockpublishing.com

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