[Double-Feature – Interview] Jonathan Maberry

By Patrick R. McDonough Dead Head Reviews (DHR): Thank you so much for giving us your time, Jonathan. I was so excited when you first announced the revival of Weird Tales. How did you become Editorial Director? JONATHAN MABERRY (JM): I was first approached to write a story for the re-launch of Weird Tales, which I didContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Interview] Jonathan Maberry”

[Double-Feature – Review] Weird Tales Magazine, Issue 363

By Patrick R. McDonough On Issue 363             From the beautiful cover—illustrated by Abigail Larson—to the back cover of a typewriter with a pair of bloodshot eyes, this issue is worth your time. The cover itself is a tribute to Margaret Brundage’s October 1933 cover of a mysterious woman, dressed in black and wearing a maskContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Review] Weird Tales Magazine, Issue 363”

[Double-Feature – Interview] – Andrew Freudenberg

By Patrick R. McDonough Dead Head Reviews (DHR): Thank you for giving us your time, Andrew. I’ve followed you and Sinister Horror Company for a few years now. I’m so happy you have a collection through them. Tell us about My Dead And Blackened Heart. Andrew Freudenberg (AF): Thanks for talking to me! Well… it’sContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Interview] – Andrew Freudenberg”

[Interview] – Creepy Sweets

By Patrick R. McDonough Dead Head Reviews (DHR): Thank you so much for giving us your time, Shani. You and your husband Zacch run Creepy Sweets from your home. Is your house a horror fan’s paradise? As in, do you have horror everything everywhere? Shani Sibrian-Boyes (SSB): We would love to have horror decor cover every square footage of our home,Continue reading “[Interview] – Creepy Sweets”

[Mini Reviews] – Quick Takes for Quick Reads

By Andrew Redman Nightfall (Nightmareland Book 1) – by Daniel Barnett 5 out of 5 Darkness has come suddenly. One moment the sun is there, the next it’s gone. People are losing their minds. Terrible things are happening. And no one knows why. Nightfall sets up for something as ambitious and devastating as The Stand.Continue reading “[Mini Reviews] – Quick Takes for Quick Reads”

[Double-Feature – Review] – My Dead And Blackened Heart

By Patrick R. McDonough Andrew Freudenberg’s first-ever collection contains fourteen stories, published through Sinister Horror Company. One story didn’t work for me. Not due to the writing, not due to the character development, but due to the story ending sooner than I would have liked. That’s a personal preference, and others will disagree with me. ThatContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Review] – My Dead And Blackened Heart”

[Review] – In The Scrape

By Elle Turpitt Jake loves his little brother Matthew, and would do anything to protect him. But despite the dangerous, persistent bullies always hovering around them, the biggest threat they face is their own father. The two boys hatch a plan, intending to run away to California to live with their mother. But not everythingContinue reading “[Review] – In The Scrape”

[Review] – Amazon’s Forward Series

By: Andrew Redman Overall Average: 3.33 out of 5 Conclusion: There are a couple of must-reads here, but there are also several disappointments. Luckily, you get to pick and choose which entries in the Forward series you purchase; I recommend Summer Frost and The Last Conversation above any other. Summer Frost – by Blake CrouchContinue reading “[Review] – Amazon’s Forward Series”

[Review] – Walk The Darkness Down

By Brennan LaFaro The weird western sub-genre that horror seems to be embracing has so much to offer up right now, and John Boden’s Walk the Darkness Down is an entry that just can not be missed. Lately we’ve seen westerns mixed with the fantastic, vampires, and zombies, but here we get an 1860’s dirty,Continue reading “[Review] – Walk The Darkness Down”