[Double-Feature – Review] – The Festering Ones

By Garrett Witt

After reading the synopsis for S.H. Cooper’s The Festering Ones, I knew it was a story I had to experience. A family tragedy, monsters in the woods, a cult trying to rise their God into our world. All of my horror boxes were checked and I was all too eager to start this story. Let’s also take a second to admire the amazing cover art by Elderlemon Design. It perfectly captures the feel of this story, while giving you a glimpse of one of the horrifying monsters within.

This story opens with our main character, Faith, and a family tragedy that follows soon after. I was immediately drawn into the horror of the world that Cooper created. I’m not sure what it says about me, but after reading the emotionally brutal first chapter, I went and purchased a physical copy for myself. I already knew I was going to love the rest of this story.

We fast forward 20 years and Faith still has the same questions and answers that she had as a child. After learning of her mothers passing, she returns home to find her mother’s belongings. Which is full of articles and clippings related to Faith’s childhood tragedy. Thus, Faith indulges in all of her mothers information, and into the rabbit hole we go.

Cooper’s writing flows on the page and I could easily picture what was happening while adding in my own visions of what was unfolding.

This story is a 135 page roller coaster ride, and I loved every second of it. I was fully invested into Faith and her need for answers. The cult aspect of the story is fascinating and very creepy. The monsters Cooper creates and the realm they exist in, had me frightened every time they would intrude into her reality. I only wished I could have helped her along the way.

The ending is satisfying enough for me and also leaves the story open-ended, hopefully we will all be blessed with a sequel to this novella.

Overall, The Festering Ones is a fantastic, quick read on a rainy day, and one that will have you on the edge of your seat, anxious to discover what happens next. I have become a huge fan of S.H. Cooper and will be looking foreword to anything she releases in the future.

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