[Review] – In The Scrape

By Elle Turpitt

Jake loves his little brother Matthew, and would do anything to protect him. But despite the dangerous, persistent bullies always hovering around them, the biggest threat they face is their own father. The two boys hatch a plan, intending to run away to California to live with their mother. But not everything goes according to plan.

In the Scrape is a coming of age story, reminiscent of Stephen King. At points, it feels like one of King’s more grounded tales, though much more tightly packed. The two authors involved have put together a story that feels familiar, yet has their own unique spin on it. The twists in the story feel natural, but the reader is still kept on the edge of their seat, wondering if it’s heading in the direction they think it is. It’s one of those stories that manages to get you right into the head of the main character, rooting for them as they move along, understanding every action they take, even when it’s downright stupid.

It’s a story damn hard to put down, with everything building up to a climax which will change the lives of every character we’ve come to know. Each scene feels like a building block. The way POV is used, it’s handled really well, not slipping out of Jake’s perspective even once.

In some places, it is a hard read, the horror coming through in the reality of the situation, in the way the boys are treated by those supposed to protect them. There might not be clowns haunting the sewers, but it doesn’t make it any less terrifying, and Jake and Matthew are as endearing as Derry’s Losers Club. This is story well worth reading. A tense, gripping five star read.

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