[Interview] – Creepy Sweets

By Patrick R. McDonough

Dead Head Reviews (DHR): Thank you so much for giving us your time, Shani. You and your husband Zacch run Creepy Sweets from your home. Is your house a horror fan’s paradise? As in, do you have horror everything everywhere?

Shani Sibrian-Boyes (SSB): We would love to have horror decor cover every square footage of our home, but at the same time, we live a simple life and we tend not to decorate very much. But of the decor that we do have, it’s 50/50 horror Inspired.

DHR: When was Creepy Sweets founded?

SSB: February 2018, after a quick 30-minute decision of what to do with all the leftover cupcakes! 

DHR: How long have you been a fan of horror? Was there one particular film that planted the horror seed?

SSB: I’ve been a horror fan for as long as I can remember. My earliest memory is when I would watch Silence of the Lambs with my dad, it was our favorite to watch.

DHR: You both have fantastic taste. Your menu consists of all things Halloween, creepy, bloody, and weird. You just checked off every box for us at Dead Head Reviews. What are your popular sellers?

SSB: The popular cookies are the Bleeding Heart, the Jason Heart, Baphomet, and Sam’s Treats. The popular cupcakes seem to be Cupcake Monster and Bride of the Cupcake Monster. 

DHR: You state on your website that “…if you don’t see a creepy enough treat on our menu, just let us know what your idea is so we can create a custom order for you, we LOVE your ideas! And we might keep them on the menu!” First off, what has been the creepiest and or strangest treat you’ve been requested to make? And what is the creepiest and or weirdest item on the menu that you or Zacch invented?

SSB: Hmmm, I had to think of this for a bit, I usually don’t get many requests that weird me out, but in specific, I am afraid of dolls. So when I’m asked to make a Chucky face and Annabelle face cookie, I am pretty mortified! But the Chucky face cookie has been popular so I added it to the menu.  In my opinion, the creepiest thing I feel I invented was the Leatherface cupcake. It’s a vanilla cupcake with raspberry filling and vanilla butter cream, topped with a fondant decoration to resemble a dirty and bloody face!

DHR: Yea…that ones absolutely creepy! Do you make treats for pets? If so, mind telling us a little bit about that?

SSB: Unfortunately I am restricted from pet treats with my food license.

DHR: Awe, bummer! Zacch taste tests your recipes. How do I sign up for that job?

SSB: LOL! I require my taste testers to have a good palate and be able to differentiate flavors. I usually send test items to close friends so they can send me their feedback. Once I’m happy with results, I release the treat publicly on my menus!

DHR: Ha-ha, I kid of course. That sounds like a well-implemented system. On top of regular sugar cookies, creepy cupcakes, and cakes, you make Keto cookies. Were they recently introduced to the repertoire? Are they a popular item? 

SSB: Yes keto cookies were introduced over the summer of 2019 while I, myself, was executing the keto diet. I had noticed that I had an increasingly daily sweet tooth and my options were very limited as to what sweet treat I could eat during the keto diet. I had to make everything for myself instead of buying something ready-made. After testing recipes, I began selling the option to make the cookies keto, and it’s been pretty popular! I had noticed that keto had become very trendy, along with vegan, but I understood keto a lot more, and decided I wanted to help provide an option for people to have creepy keto cookies, and it’s worked perfectly!

DHR: Very cool. Your business is located in Corona, California. I know you do deliveries within that area. But do you ship across country? Or even internationally? If so, how do you keep your product fresh?

SSB: Yes! However, I can only ship cookies and fondant toppers at this time. My cookies stay fresh for up to 3 weeks, and the way I ensure that is that I bake each order a few days before it needs to be shipped.

DHR: In that case, I plan on trying some of your cookies out ASAP! Speaking of trying your cookies, looking through your online menu, my mouth is salivating. I particularly would love to try the Vanilla Voorhees, Sam’s Sweets, and The Phantom cupcakes! Do you have a favorite cupcake? Does Zacch have a favorite?

SSB: I love each and every one of my creepy cupcakes equally, like they are my children. I definitely favor my cupcakes over my cookies because they got me started in this business.  Zacch’s favorite cupcake is the one he created which is the Cupcake Monster!

The Cupcake Monster

DHR: The Cupcake Monster is pretty cool for any horror fan! Your Baphomet cookies look SO deliciously cute. I have to imagine those things are super popular. On top of that, I see you have a Death’s Head Moth on the menu. I am a HUGE The Silence of the Lambs fan. Do you have a favorite Hannibal Lecter film or book?

SSB: The Baphomet Cookies are definitely very popular, the design was inspired by my friend’s crochet work of little baphomet stuffed animals. Her website is www.plurdenland.com My favorite film has to be between The Silence of the Lambs or Red Dragon, I can never choose just 1!

DHR: Those plushies are so adorable! As far as the aforementioned films, they are both excellent films and novels! Speaking of great cookies and books, I’d be hesitant to try that incredibly well-crafted Necro-Nomm-Icon! I’d only be hesitant because I know what happens when that book is opened—I’ve seen the Evil Dead films—never mind if they’re consumed! Do you ever get lost in conversation about horror films with your customers? 

Necro-Nomm-Icon Cookie

SSB: Definitely, I enjoy talking with my customers in general so I know what they like, what inspires them, and what occasion they are celebrating. Whether it’s a 10 year old boy celebrating his birthday with a whole Jason theme party, or a couple celebrating an anniversary with their love of a favorite horror film that brings them back memories of their early dating days. 

DHR: I want my next birthday party to be Jason Voorhees themed! I adore your fondant cupcake toppers and 3-inch vinyl stickers. Do you ever get compliments on them?

SSB: As individuals, I feel they’re not acknowledged as much as the cookies and cupcakes. But they get their fair share of compliments every now and then. 

DHR: Horror is clearly a big component in you and your husband’s life. Do you both have a horror film or show that you two MUST watch during Halloween?

SSB: We always try to watch a film we’ve both never seen before but for Zacch, his must watch is “The Exorcist”. For me, I don’t have a preference, as long as it’s a great classic film! 

DHR: Do you decorate your house for Halloween? 

SSB: We usually do! But this year has been so busy for us that we haven’t been able to decorate quite yet! However, as soon as we do, we leave the Halloween decorations up year-long.

DHR: Sounds like my kind of neighbors. Are there any traditions you have during October?

SSB: The only tradition we have so far is to celebrate our anniversary, we got married on Halloween Day 2015. We always take vacation during the last week of October to spend time together. 

DHR: That’s awesome! Any exciting plans for Halloween?

SSB: We are going to a symphony orchestra concert to see the 1920s silent film  “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”.

DHR: Wow…that sounds like so much fun. Are you a fan of A Nightmare Before Christmas?

SSB: I would say I’m a lover of NBC but not as much of a hardcore fan as I’ve seen others who are very dedicated! 

DHR: Oh boy, yea, some people are obsessed with it. Shani, thank you again for your time. You’re an incredibly talented artist. It’s people like you and your husband that put a massive smile on my face. I love horror, and I can see you two do as well. You are part of my tribe. Keep up the incredible work! 

SSB: Thank YOU very much! I loved the range of questions, it really helps put all the pieces together to show why we do what we do to bring creepy treats to creepy humans!

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