[Double-Feature – Review] – The Festering Ones

By Garrett Witt After reading the synopsis for S.H. Cooper’s The Festering Ones, I knew it was a story I had to experience. A family tragedy, monsters in the woods, a cult trying to rise their God into our world. All of my horror boxes were checked and I was all too eager to startContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Review] – The Festering Ones”

[Review] – The Tunnelers

By Elle Turpitt The Tunnellers is a short, tense read that will have the reader gripped from the very first page. Told as a series of entries by Dr. Armstrong, the epistolary format works really well to drop the reader right into the action, as Armstrong tries to untangle the events that brought mining foreman KirkwoodContinue reading “[Review] – The Tunnelers”

[Review] – A Parallel Abyss

By Elle Turpitt It’s a perfectly normal day when James gets on the bus to school. But normality soon turns to tragedy, as the school bus crashes into a lake–an accident that sets a whole town into mourning, and James on a path to uncover the town’s mysterious past. In doing so, he meets Dan,Continue reading “[Review] – A Parallel Abyss”

[Double-Feature – Interview] – Laurel Hightower

By Patrick R. McDonough Dead Head Reviews (DHR): Thank you for giving us your time, Laurel. Your first published book, Whispers in the Dark came out December 2018. How has the response been? Laurel Hightower (LH): It took a little while to gain any traction, but so far the majority of the reviews have been positive, forContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Interview] – Laurel Hightower”

[Double-Feature – Review] – Whispers in the Dark

By Elle Turpitt Rose McFarland is, to put it bluntly, a badass. As a S.W.A.T. sniper, she knows how to use weapons and, most importantly, when to use them. But after her latest job, things start to go wrong, putting not just her at risk, not just her family, but also the whole world. SheContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Review] – Whispers in the Dark”

[Interview] 1 Survives

By Patrick R. McDonough Dead Head Reviews (DHR): Thank you for your time, Ross. Your horror card game looks fantastic. Mind giving us the bullet points? Ross Glover (RG): Sure! 1 Survives is a fast-paced game of strategy and skill. It’s every player for themselves, as you try to find an alternative way to escapeContinue reading “[Interview] 1 Survives”