[Review] – A World of Horror

By Elle Turpitt

The premise of this book is absolutely fantastic – to seek out as many different stories from as many different countries as possible. And though there are a couple of stories from countries very familiar to Western horror readers, more come from places likely unfamiliar to English speakers. Inside this anthology, readers will find stories from Japan, Ukraine, Nigeria, Singapore, Sweden, Philippines and more. And each, in their own way, is an absolute delight.

I am constantly blown away by anthologies, the sheer dedication of the editors and the talent of various authors, gathered in one place, but this is a collection taken to the next level. The variety provides something unique, allowing readers to delve into the myths of places they might perhaps never visit.

Personal favourites – Honey¸ set in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, where strange creatures roam. The Shadows of Saint Urban, about the dangers lurking in the shadows, and the madness found within, which feels almost like it could be a Carpenter movie. How Alfred Nobel Got His Mojo, where Nobel discovers the true extent of dynamite’s destructive powers. Sick Cats in Small Spaces, about bottles found in the Australian outback, and the spirits trapped within.

The Disappeared, The White Monkey and Warashi’s Grip are also worth mentioning, for the topics and characters explored in each story, but really, every single story is beautifully crafted. They are haunting, eerie, and completely enthralling.

Guignard has done a fantastic job of bringing together these stories, and his small introductions for each one provides the reader with a little taste, an appetizer for what they are about to read. There wasn’t a single story that felt weak in the anthology, and it’s definitely one of those collections where every reader will have their own favourites.

This is an anthology every fan of good horror should seek out. Each story offers something different, and it’s a book well worth lingering over, as delightful to taste as a fine meal, with stories to get under the skin and view the world in a different, darker tone.

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