[Review] – Ain’t Worth A Shit

By Robert Essig and Jack Bantry After reading and reviewing five Grindhouse Press books in a row, lets switch gears and talk about another great indie horror publisher:  Sinister Grin Press.  In particular, Ain’t Worth a Shit by Robert Essig and Jack Bantry.  I’m not familiar with Essig, but I have read Bantry’s debut novel, The Lucky OnesContinue reading “[Review] – Ain’t Worth A Shit”

[Review] – A Voice So Soft

By Patrick Lacey Patrick’s story about an evil pop star starts off strong.  It’s an intriguing premise:  songs with insidious and catastrophic effects on the audience.  I usually like books with similar themes to this one, which is why I surprised myself by not enjoying this one.  I think that my main problem with itContinue reading “[Review] – A Voice So Soft”

[Double-Feature – Interview] – Patrick Loveland

Dead Head Reviews (DHR): This is your first published collection, correct? How did you settle on the stories in it? Patrick Loveland (PL): Yes, this is my first collection. I had a general idea for a while about what this book was going to be and which stories made the most sense for it. ThereContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Interview] – Patrick Loveland”

[Double-Feature – Review] – Too Many Eyes

By Patrick Loveland Patrick Loveland’s collection Too Many Eyes hits you with a blend of 19th century frontiers folk to harsh arctic futuristic test facilities. The collection is broken down into two parts. The first half being subtitled YESTERDAY AND TODAY—stories that take place in the past up to present day. While part two isContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Review] – Too Many Eyes”

[Cover Reveal] – The Messy Man

By Chris Sorensen THE MESSY MAN Synopsis In the middle of a cold, Midwestern cornfield, an orphaned girl with remarkable abilities accidentally conjures a man from thin air. The stranger is traumatized, his thoughts scattered. The girl, Willa, is able to glean Little about the man save for his name—Peter—and the fact that he doesn’tContinue reading “[Cover Reveal] – The Messy Man”

[Review] – Saint Sadist

By Lucas Mangum Lucas:  If you are reading this, I have an apology to make.  Despite seeing you at KillerCon every year, and my impression that you are a fun-loving, down-to-earth guy, I’ve been avoiding you because I’ve never read your work.  I’m always overly self conscious when faced with this predicament.  It doesn’t helpContinue reading “[Review] – Saint Sadist”

[Review] – Dirty Rotten Hippies

By Bryan Smith Bryan Smith is no stranger to us extreme horror nerds.  As a matter of fact, he should be an extreme horror legend for the Depraved trilogy alone.  More recently, he wrote my favorite extreme horror novella of 2018, Kill for Satan!, which was awarded a Splatterpunk award nomination this year.  Although I’ve read some of Smith’sContinue reading “[Review] – Dirty Rotten Hippies”

[The Old One And The Sea] – Review

By Lex H Jones Exploring many forms of literature is an experience that should be afforded to all young readers. If you’re looking for a R’lyeh good introduction into “Horror for your Little Ones”, have I got the perfect book for you! You need not to look any further than The Old One and theContinue reading “[The Old One And The Sea] – Review”