[Review] – Merciless

By Bryan Smith

In the interest of 1: Not sounding like a broken record by praising Bryan Smith AGAIN and 2: Not exploiting your time which would be better used by reading Merciless, I will keep this short.
I could tell you all of the reasons why this is a fun book. I could tell you how it reminded me of Ben Young’s excellent film, Hounds of Love, in the best way possible. I could tell you that it’s one of Bryan Smith’s best books too, but it boils down to this: Simply, if you like extreme horror, you already like Merciless. The only thing keeping it from a perfect score was the fact that I wanted to know more about the book’s most enigmatic character (you will know what I mean).

Grade: B

Review by Jason Cavallaro
Email: Cavallarojcavallaro42@gmail.com
Twitter: @pinheadspawn

I received a copy for review consideration from Grindhouse Press.

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