[Double-Feature – Double- Review] – Night of the Loving Dead

By Elle Turpitt

Patrick’s Take  

This is a flash fiction, so I won’t give away much. Here’s what you need to know: it’s a zombie story, it abides by the traditional zombie guidelines, and it offers something fun and new to the genre. Some readers love a good opening line. For me, it’s all about the ending. Sometimes it’s the very last line, other times it could be the entire last scene.
This story’s last line opens the floodgates of imagination to a picture of what’s to come next. And boy is it juicy.

I hope to see more stories from Turpitt and I know you will too after reading Night of the Loving Dead.

Garrett’s Take  

The Night of The Loving Dead plays on the same tropes we’ve seen in zombie stories for years, while also bringing a fresh and interesting take on the genre. Flash fiction is one of my favorite forms of storytelling and Elle Turpitt manages to knock it out of the park with her first published story. As always with flash fiction, we can’t say too much as we don’t want to give away anything. I will say that this is definitely a top five flash fiction read for me. It’s excellently paced, gives you a range of emotions, and ends on a twist with the last line. Which, to me, is the perfect formula for flash fiction. Highly recommended for a quick, engaging read. I’m excited to see what Elle comes up with next! 

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