[Review] – Come Closer

By Sara Gran

I have seen multiple people across the Horror Community praise this book. I am here to equally confirm this praise.

Nothing can get the hairs on my neck standing up the way a good paranormal story does. The unknown and unexplainable will forever be a fear of mine. I have no problem admitting that. That fear is exactly what pulls me so strongly into the horror genre. So after I read the synopsis for Come Closer by Sara Gran, I knew I was in for a ride. One that I would thoroughly enjoy but one that would also get under my skin.

Our main character, Amanda, has a normal everyday life. A good job, a loving husband, a nice flat in the city. Everything seems in order and normal until the tapping begins. Always inside their apartment, but never in the same room, until it is.

Thus begins a slow descent into madness and a possible possession. Things only get worse once they start, which is all I want to say about the story. This is one you should go into blind and experience for yourself. I found myself captivated throughout and genuinely unnerved for what could happen to Amanda.

My only issues with this story was that I had a hard time determining an exact timeline of the events that were happening. However, after finishing it I could see how it could have been written like that for a reason.

I’m hesitant to give this book a full 5 stars as I am trying to be stricter with my ratings, and leave 5 stars for the best of the best. However, this book belongs in the top tier of paranormal/haunting stories. Highly recommended. 4/5 stars!

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Review by Garrett Witt

I purchased this book myself and reviewed on my own accord.

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