[Review] Cold Comforts

By Marianne Halbert

Cold Comforts is a book that lives up to its name. The dread will wrap itself around you as you flip through the pages, layering itself within you until you feel right at home in the heart of this book.

Marianne writes with such beauty. Her descriptions are very much alive. I constantly found myself slowly becoming a part of the worlds she created. Which is something that happens few and far between. So, for me, this is high praise!

The stories here are original and frightening. The opening story, ‘When Betsy Whispers’, is totally unique and original. I haven’t read anything like it before. This trend continues as you get to the other stories. Which are also, excellent.

As always with a collection, you can expect some stories to not resonate with you as well as others. However, this is not to say there is a bad story in this collection. All of the stories are great, just some fit my taste better than others.

Overall, this is a great collection that comes highly recommended for this winter!

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Review by Garrett Witt
Twitter: @reviewshead

I received an E-copy version of this book for review consideration.

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