[Review] – The Demonic

By Lee Mountford

The Demonic is the first novel I’ve read by Lee Mountford, and what a read it was. This story picks up with our lead, Danni Morgan. Her husband Jon, and two children Leah and Alex. Who, following the death of Danni’s father, move back into her childhood home where evil waits.

The set up is nothing new for the horror genre. However, Lee handles this story in a way that is generally frightening. It starts off strong and does not let up until it’s shocking and painful ending. The characters feel rich and alive, for how long though, we can’t be certain. I liked all of the characters although I did feel like Danni and Leah were the strongest. Jon and Alex are well written, I just felt the female characters felt more vibrant and alive. Which is always great to see in our genre!

Lee Mountford sets a high bar with The Demonic. He gives us everything we expect from such a name, and a little more for the hell of it. I’m looking forward to the next novel of his I can get my hands on. If you’re looking for a generally unsettling book, look no farther. The Demonic will check all of your boxes. Oh, it’s also on kindle unlimited if that’s your fancy!

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Review by Garrett Witt
Twitter: reviewshead

I purchased this book myself and reviewed on my own accord.

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