[Review] – And Hell Followed

By Deaths Head Press

It’s Christmas day and I’m writing a book review for an apocalypse-themed anthology.  The life of a horror reviewer!  I have lots of cookies to eat, so I will keep this short. This is the third anthology that I’ve read from Death’s Head Press this year and so far, my favorite.  The final story in the anthology, “Outpouring,” by Jeff Strand was my favorite but the following were also excellent:
“Apocalypse…Meh” by John Wayne Communale.  The most fun to be had in this anthology.
“Godless World” by Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason.  Unexpectedly poignant apocalypse story.
“Ham and Pudge” by K. Trap Jones.  Another fun one.
“Six Degrees of Separation” by Delphine Quinn.  Dystopian story that would probably work well as a novella or novel.
Unfortunately, even good anthologies sometimes suffer from the dreaded “filler” stories.  There are a few in here (which will go unnamed), but there were enough to drop down the grade of what was an otherwise good quality anthology.

Grade:  C

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Review by Jason Cavallaro
Twitter:  @pinheadspawn

I received a copy of this book from Death’s Head Press for review consideration.

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2 thoughts on “[Review] – And Hell Followed

  1. Anthologies are hard. There are fun authors that I always like and will read (I like Strand, too!); then there are authors whose style might suit someone else but don’t click with me. Thanks for posting your review.


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