[Review] – True Crime

By Samantha Kolesnik

When Grindhouse released the cover for True Crime by Samantha Kolesnik, it caught the attention of just about everyone in the horror community. Seriously, it’s a thing of genius. Go ahead, scroll back up and look. I’ll wait. 

No matter how good the cover, the blurb from Brian Keene, and the synopsis are leading you to believe this book is, it’s better. 

True Crime focuses on Suzy, and sets the tone for what she’s been forced to live with up to this point by page 5. It’s not easy to wade through, and it doesn’t get any more palatable as it goes. At its’ heart, this book tells the story of a broken human being. Two kids that have been driven to become monsters, and never had a chance. 

At various points throughout the story Suzy, and her brother Lim, make choices that don’t make sense to the reader. Rather than try to put myself in the mindset it might to take to make a similar choice, I accepted that the characters I was following had been dealt a broken moral compass by circumstances in life, and this was not something I’d be able to understand. Honestly, comprehending this concept broke my heart. Littered throughout the book, Samantha Kolesnik provides some creative and telling examples and demonstrations of Suzy’s lack of self worth. 

At 143 pages, this is hypothetically a book you could read all the way through in one go, but it’s simply so unrelenting, I needed to put it down around the midway point and digest. It’s fascinating to observe how Kolesnik deals with opportunities for redemption and change, and the character study contained within these pages is of the highest degree of quality. 

I anticipate, and sincerely hope, that True Crime is going to be one of the most well-received books of early 2020. If you have not yet pre-ordered a copy, do so immediately. Despite the fact that this book has yet to officially come out as of this writing, I am champing at the bit for the next offering from Samantha Kolesnik. 

5/5 stars

Review by Brennan LaFaro
Twitter: @whathappensnex5

I received a copy of this book from the author for review consideration. 

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