[Double-Feature – Review] The Plague Trilogy

By Patrick R. McDonough

A series of three book covers by Rich Hawkins. From Left to Right: "The Last Plague", "The Last Outpost", "The Last Soldier"

About The Apocalyptic Master

There’s plenty of authors that write about apocalyptic events. Many spin excellent tales. But to me, Rich Hawkins is a master at that craft. Not only is he one of the finest writers to come out of England, but his Plague Trilogy is something that should be read and adored by any and all fans of zombies, apocalyptic events, and cosmic gods. I would love to introduce to anyone who has yet to experience the eerie and pleasurable experience of The Plague Trilogy.

The Last Plague

On August 31st 2014, Hawkins’ debut novel The Last Plague is pulbished. An impressive one to boot, that was nominated for a British Fantasy Award for Best Horror Novel in 2015. Set in the South West of England, a bachelor party in the country-side brings a group of friends together. Some have families, some have lives they aren’t so happy about, but they catch up and we get to learn about the characters with a nice build-up. Through the course of the story we see exactly how strong their friendship really is.

The initial-buildup leads to hordes of the undead, blood baths, and incredibly haunting creatures.

The Last Outpost

First published on September 28th 2015. By now, Great Britain has fallen to the Last Plague. We’re introduced to a lone wandering man named Royce. A man that wasn’t able to save his family. The land is ravaged by death, its infected, nightmarish abominations, and high above are the nameless gods. All seems hopeless until Royce hears a transmission speaking of safety across the North Sea. He joins a group of survivors who all have one mission. To find transportation, outrun the infected, and find a haven at The Last Outpost.

The Last Soldier

First published on March 19th 2016. Two years after the fall of Great Britain, a young girl named Florence and her ex-military guardian are drawn back to the mainland. Why? Because Florence possesses the ability for see things nobody else can. A gift that her, nor her guard, Morse, trust. But when they tread through the wastelands, it’s all or nothing. Will this thing inside Florence’s head prove to be a blessing or a curse?

Final Thoughts

This trilogy is a bag of gore, mayhem, otherworldly gods, the undead, and a grand plague. Yes, there are zombies. Yes, there are gods with a Lovecraft designs (so sure, we can even say this falls under contemporary weird fiction). And yes, this trilogy is epic. That’s it, there’s no but. It’s just a great trilogy. I read all three back-to-back…to back.

I discovered Hawkins around the time The Last Soldier was released, so I wasn’t too far behind when I started book 1. For anyone that thinks they’ve read all the best zombie novels, I assure you, you haven’t.

Review by Patrick R. McDonough
Twitter: @Prmcdonough

I bought a copy of the hardback for review consideration.

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