[Reviews] – Dig Two Graves Vol. II

By Death’s Head Press

I’ve recently reviewed Volume 1 of this anthology series, and I’ve already said what I wanted to say about anthologies in general. So, I will make this short. As with any anthology, there are highlights and lowlights. These were the highlights:

“Catalog” by Wesley Southard – This is the first story in this anthology, and quite possibly the best. It’s a story ultimately about grief and revenge, with a tinge of darkness and the supernatural. 

“Impact” by Delphine Quinn – This one has a simple plot, but it’s pulled off brilliantly by Quinn. I especially admire Delphine’s fast-paced writing style. Not a word is wasted.

“Streaming Murder” by Jack Bantry – Bantry continues to surprise me. His debut novel, The Lucky Ones Died First, is a splatter-fest. Then he co-wrote an excellent, dark-crime drama with Robert Essig called, Ain’t Worth a Shit. Now this: a short and suspenseful revenge-themed story. The format reminded me of Lansdale’s masterful The Night They Missed the Horror Show. Both stories start off fun and light-hearted and then descend into nerve-shredding paranoia and terror.

“Abandoned” by G. Allen Wilbanks – I’m afraid of spoiling anything about this story. However, I will say that it felt like I was reading a new urban legend.

Despite these standouts, the anthology is somewhat bogged down by the rest of the stories. Overall, I think Volume 1 was slightly better.

Grade:  C

Review by Jason Cavallaro
Twitter:  @pinheadspawn

I received a copy for review consideration from Death’s Head Press.

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