[DeadHeadRooviews] – The Roo

by Alan Baxter

Any horror fan seeing this book on the shelf would be compelled to pick it up – I mean, just look at that cover. And then you’re thinking, this is seriously about a murderous kangaroo? No one could really pull that off, could they?
Actually, yeah they could – Alan Baxter, ladies and gentlemen. The Roo is an epic and enjoyable piece of storytelling crafted by a master author applying his skill to a subject that started as a joke. The pacing is excellent, the characters and setting interesting and well drawn, and that Roo. On a rampage of blood, its human fodder scattering before it in great gouts of blood and viscera, enough to satisfy the goriest of appetites. And in case you were thinking there’s no legend here, think again – Baxter did this story right. I particularly enjoyed the way he drew the players in this small, isolated town in to make the most of this creature feature.

This is one of those books that’s a joy to speed through, but also makes the reader sit up and take notice – Alan Baxter is a damn good author, and ooo looky here at that back catelog! No one call me for a while, I’ll be catching up.

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Review by Laurel Hightower
Twitter: @HightowerLaurel

I received an e-copy of this book from the author for review consideration.

Red Kangaroo, Australia

Published by Dead Head Reviews

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