[Review] – Fairy Lights

by Edward Lorn

This is an extremely hard book to get your hands on. Almost so much I kind of want to break the mold and give up on doing a spoiler-free review, because the vast majority of you won’t get the opportunity to read it. I will do my best not to do that.

I have read 13 Lorn books, and this is the most extreme, which is kind of funny – because the cover and the title don’t really scream that. I thought that maybe this was E’s go at a fairy folklore type tale. No.

If you are easily offended, if you have a weak stomach – this book is not for you. The good news is that E is an equal opportunity offender. There is something in this book to make everyone cringe – black, white, gay, straight, male, female, old, young – yup, E covers all the bases in this one.

The book is divided into two parts – Moss and Fairy Lights. It seems that reviewers are definitely divided into two camps: Those who prefer Moss, and those who preferred the second part. I am of the first, meaning I preferred the Moss part of the story. I think because the second part really gets more cosmic while the first part is more, “There’s a killer in the woods”.

When you actually get to who your main characters are after a handful of character setups and kills, you are following a young mother with her 15 year old son and his friend going on a camping trip in the woods in California. No one is safe. Will anyone survive the death that is E’s pen? He decapitates with a key stroke. His character development pulls you in, then you realize he is really just digging a grave.

E entertains, that is for sure. This book was so graphically violent that there were laugh out loud moments. There was one point where a character is on the verge of death. This character has been absolutely brutalized physically, sexually, mentally. Then there is a moment, a “wait a second this one is going to make it moment” – then 2 pages later, nope.

It was gory, gruesome, cringe-worthy fun and I am glad I will be one of the few that gets the opportunity to read it.  

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4 Stars

Review by Well Read Beard
Twitter: @WellReadBeard
I purchased this book from Edward Lorn. 

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