[Review] – Reception

By Kenzie Jennings

Wedding reception + cannibals!  Great premise. In my experience, wedding receptions can be so boring that I would personally welcome the presence of cannibals.  (At the very least, I would like to see one of those damn wedding DJs eaten.) If you’re into cannibal fiction, Kenzie Jennings’s debut has many of them, and they are definitely of the voracious variety.  When it comes to sheer violence, Jennings can compete with anyone in extreme horror; she does NOT hold back the gore by any means. Honestly, I only have one problem with the story, but unfortunately it is an important aspect: pacing.  I think Jennings may have overwritten many of the internal dialogue segments; specifically, the protagonist’s thought processes and motivations were excessively explained. This slowed down the pace of an otherwise enjoyable gorefest. I should mention, however, that Jennings did write an absolutely stunning ending which somewhat redeemed the experience of Reception.  Great promise here.  Kenzie Jennings is an author to watch.

Grade:  C

Review by Jason Cavallaro
Twitter:  @pinheadspawn

I received a copy for review consideration from Death’s Head Press.

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