[Review] – Dead Woman Scorned

By Michael Clark

5 Stars
Book 2 in The Patience Of A Dead Man series.

This is more than a haunted house story. Hell hath no fury like Mildred Wells. It’s really a perfect melding of history, horror fantasy, and gothic horror. It takes that gorgeous, vast setting that I talked about for Book 1 and just explodes the entire haunted house concept into something much, much bigger. We dig deep into Mildred’s history which takes us down a narrative of mythology and lore that explains her power.

We realized in Book 1 that Mildred is more than a ghost. She possesses power that a normal ghost does not possess. Mildred has lived through a hellish childhood and we already knew about her short time as a wife and mother from the previous book.
a person who has returned, especially supposedly from the dead.

There is a slow shift in this book. Mildred shifts from an unexplained haunt into the main character. You are rooting for her. For the most part the targets of her vengeance are getting what they deserved. Don’t get me wrong, she is not innocent and there are definitely undeserving victims along the way.

Eventually we circle back to 1971 and the house. Mildred is patiently plotting her revenge against Tim and Holly for their role in her losing the chance at reconciliation with her son. There is a ferocious buildup to a shocking ending.

I cannot remember recently reading a 450 page book as fast I as I read this one. I really enjoyed the format ( short chapters ). This is not an exaggeration. In the last year there has not been another book that I had this much trouble putting down.

Review by Well Read Beard
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5 thoughts on “[Review] – Dead Woman Scorned

  1. An easy read that will keep you looking over your shoulder. I too liked the short chapters. Maybe that’s why it is so hard to put down…just one more chapter.

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