[Movie Review] – Ostinato

Directed and Written by Luke Luoh

In the book world, this film would be the equivalent of a good flash fiction horror – bite sized, but filled exclusively with pieces that move the story along. It comes in at 5 minutes and 41 seconds.

Ostinato tackles something serious. Something that affects every single one of us, but what am I referring to exactly? You’ll have to watch the film to know for yourself.

Here’s what you need to know: it was shot in 48 hours, but doesn’t feel like it was. Meaning it’s a complete story, it’s shot well, the ending was satisfying, and the practical effects were spot on.

Barrett Coates portrays John Fields, our protagonist. For who he was playing, I thought he brought his character to life in a really subtle way. Yet during those pressure building moments to the intense moments, he nailed it. The supporting cast all did a great job as well.

This movie is perfect to give you a great idea who Luke Luoh—writer and director—is and what he has to offer. There’s a reason Ostinato won 18 different awards at a slew of festivals. It’s simply a good film.

Review by Patrick R. McDonough
Twitter: @PRMcDonough

Published by Dead Head Reviews

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