[Review] – Where Dragonflies Dance

by A.A. Medina

By A.A. Medina

This is my second Medina read, having read the first Claybrook book Siphon last year. These books do NOT have to be read in order. You do not have to have read Siphon to read this book. In the end there is a scene that shows that these two books will link up in the future and between you and me – that story is going to be crazy cool.

This is completely different than Siphon. Siphon was more of an extreme, gross out type of horror about a killer who drains the blood from his victims. This book is more about grief and loss – the loss of a missing child. Our main character suffered a severe car accident, losing one of his legs, on the same day that his daughter went missing. All he remembers is the accident, and that his daughter has been gone for going on two months.

This book takes you places you don’t want to go. It takes you deep into a haunting grief that manifests itself into ghostly appearances. Is she really there or am I just seeing things? Our main character sets out to find his daughter, getting bits of his memory back as he goes.

It’s an extremely enjoyable yet haunting and uncomfortable read. Read this one, Read Siphon – let’s go to Claybrook together. Medina is building something here and I, for one, can’t wait to see it.

4 Stars

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