[Review] – In Dreams We Rot

by Becky Rocksteady Released by Trepidation Publishing This book doesn’t just dance with uneasiness, it lets it move in and sleep in the guest room. Uneasiness – There is a quote at the front of the book. The short version of that quote is “My mission in life is to make everybody as uneasy asContinue reading “[Review] – In Dreams We Rot”

[Review] – She Is A Beast

By Christina Rosso “You will not find any damsels in distress within these pages,” writes Rosso in the opening prologue of her new feminist fairytale anthology “She Is A Beast.” It’s true! This gorgeously illustrated collection of reimagined fairytales each highlight a strong, independent woman who needs no man, no rescuing, and no intervention byContinue reading “[Review] – She Is A Beast”

[Movie Review] – Daniel Isn’t Real

“Daniel Isn’t Real” (2019)Directed by Adam Egypt MortimerNot Rated; Mature Audiences SuggestedRuntime 96 Minutes Where to watch: Now streaming on Shudder.com Trigger warnings: domestic abuse, extreme gun violence, divorce, depression, anxiety, body horror, divorce, medication abuse/overdose, mental illness, body horror, toxic masculinity, relationship abuse, sexual abuse, hallucinations Epilepsy/Photosensitivity Warning for flashing lights and imagery. IfContinue reading “[Movie Review] – Daniel Isn’t Real”

[Feature] – Meet The Dead Heads: Elle

Welcome to a new feature on the website – Meet the Dead Heads. We have a fantastic team at Dead Head Reviews, and we thought it was about time to shine the spotlight on them. This will be a weekly feature, until we have covered everyone on the team, starting today with Head Copy EditorContinue reading “[Feature] – Meet The Dead Heads: Elle”

[Review] – Bottled

By Stephanie Ellis Tyler never wanted to return to his grandfather’s house. For him, it is a place of childhood misery and abuse, witnessed by the ever-present housekeeper, Mrs Waites. But during every visit, Tyler found a bottle, created by his grandfather, containing scenes of delight for any young boy. And in these he findsContinue reading “[Review] – Bottled”

[Review] – It Calls From The Forest

Edited by Alanna Robertson-Webb & Michelle River It Calls From The Forest was released April 15th, 2020, from Eerie River Publishing. Prior to receiving this book, I was unfamiliar with Eerie River Publishing. However, from this point forward, I will be paying attention. This publishing house specializes in anthologies of indie writers, which is prettyContinue reading “[Review] – It Calls From The Forest”

[Movie Review] – “Downrange”

“Downrange” (2017)90 min runtimeDirected by Ryhuei KitamuraRating: NR (suggested audience R or M, hard rating) Trigger warnings: Gun Violence, Extreme gore/blood, Pregnancy, Loss of a child, car accident, death. As far as thrillers go, Downrange is a lean, mean, killing machine. It’s hard to really break down any storyline or plot in this movie beyondContinue reading “[Movie Review] – “Downrange””

[Review] – To Be Devoured

by Sara Tantlinger Sara Tantlinger is an author I’ve seen mentioned around the horror community fairly often. Her Bram Stoker winning poetry collection The Devils Dreamland is one I’ve had on my ever growing TBR list for a while. I haven’t had a chance to grab a copy yet. However, I read an excellent reviewContinue reading “[Review] – To Be Devoured”

[Review] – Lucid Screams

by Red Lagoe I LOVED this book. I am not playing around – this needs to be added to TBRs across the horror community right now. An absolutely indelible collection of real-life atrocity. There are a myriad of themes here, but I leaned towards favoring the elements of day to day terror brought on byContinue reading “[Review] – Lucid Screams”