[Review] – In The Scrape

By James Newman and Mark Steensland

Loved it. Honestly? I didn’t want to go 5, solely because I have been a 5 star factory here, lately. I tried to think of something about this book that would keep it from being a 5, but I came up with nothing.

I figured out where this story was going early on, but when the big moment happened, I was still shocked. What would you call that trick? Misdirection? Sleight of hand? The big reveal was just like that for me. I knew it was going to happen, but the authors made me focus on the woods, the father, and the Caldwells, and then “bang!” – they sprung it on me. For me, it was a super cool trick that they were able to catch me off-guard.

Books have been falling perfectly for me here lately. This one takes place right at the opening of hunting season, and guess what is going on here in KY right now?

This book is without a doubt in the running for my Novella of the Year. Before I said that, I went back and looked at everything I have read this year. There is only one other novella (Jedi Summer by John Boden) that I remember enjoying this much. 

Review by Well Read Beard
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I received a copy from Silver Shamrock Publishing for review consideration.

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