[Review] – Bones

by Andrew Cull

Bones is a terrific debut from Andrew Cull. I’ve heard many great things about this collection from the horror community. I’ve waited far too long to read this, but I’m very happy I finally gave it a go.  

Each story here has a unique and creepy tale to tell. I personally loved each one. 


This story opens the collection, and by a slight margin, is my favorite of them all. This is a haunted house story about a man returning to his childhood home with his sister. He remembers less than her, but it all comes back to him as the story progresses. It’s genuinely scary and leads up to one of the creepiest endings I’ve ever read. I loved it. A great way to open any collection. 


Em Walker is a 10-year-old girl whose father runs one of the two town morgues. She is a very artistic young woman who starts to draw the faces of the recently deceased in order to say goodbye to them. It helps to bring her peace. The tension wretches up when the dead begin to talk back. 

This story has terrific world building while bringing in dreaded atmosphere. 

There was also mention of a town murder within this story, and the way Cull describes the gruesome end of this person will forever stick with me. Sometimes less is more and Andrew demonstrates that perfectly. You’ll know it when you read. 

A perfect follow up to the first story. 


The Trade is a great example of what it can be like living in a fractured home. Our main character watches and listens as his parents argue and yell across their house in the middle of a horrible heatwave. However, he is hopeful things will be okay. As if that isn’t bad enough, dead carcasses begin turning up on their doorstep. This story held me in its grip all the way until the ending. A very unnerving endeavour to read. 


Lastly, we have a story dealing mainly with grief. Ellie is the mother of three boys and her father has just passed away. This has taken a very emotional toll on Ellie and has caused her to neglect everyday simplicity’s in her life. After weeks have gone by, Ellie begins to find crumbled notes throughout her house. What follows is a very disturbing and life changing for all those involved. You just need to read this one for yourself. 

Overall this is a fantastic debut collection that I wish I could reread for the first time. Seriously, it’s that good. If you’ve been debating on diving into this madness, I’m here to tell you to go head first.

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Review by: Garrett Witt 
Twitter: @garrettwitt7 

I purchased this book for review consideration. 

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