[Special Feature] – Saturday Morning Scenarios “Whispers In the Dark: Horror In the Windy City” and “The Devil’s City”

An illustrated, collectible novella & companion 5e RPG setting exploring the growing darkness in Chicago of late 1800s.
Cover Artwork for “The Devil’s City” Novella and “Horror in the Windy City” Game Setting

The DeadHeadReviews.com team is pleased to be celebrating all Saturday Morning by reviewing The Devil’s City novelette in advance of the Saturday Morning Scenarios Kickstarter project for the novelette and HH Holmes themed RPG setting Horror in the Windy City for Whispers in the Dark. All Saturday long we will be posting reviews of “The Devil’s City” and corresponding content surrounding H.H. Holmes, the notorious and mysterious first serial killer in America!

Saturday Morning Scenarios is an independent publisher of speculative fiction books and tabletop gaming scenarios run by Matt Corley.

Whispers in the Dark is a tabletop roleplaying game of investigative horror built around the 5e rules (made famous by Dungeons and Dragons) designed by Matt Corley and M.T. Black. Whispers uses a streamlined form of the 5e ruleset with some tweaks, optional rules , a classless character creation process, comprehensive sanity/madness rules, and is set in world adjacent to our own.

Horror in the Windy City: A Whispers in the Dark Campaign is set in late 1800s Chicago and the tie-in novella The Devil’s City, written by Sara Tantlinger and Matt Corley and illustrated by Daniele Serra follows H.H. Holmes as he stalks and hunts victims at the 1893 World’s Fair.

Whispers in the Dark RGB with credits v3.png
Cover artwork for Whispers in the Dark by Matt Corley.
Published by Saturday Morning Scenarios
Cover artwork for “Horror In The Windy City”, a Whispers in the Dark Setting by Matt Corley of Saturday Morning Scenarios.
Cover Artwork by Kealan Patrick Burke.

You can pre-order your copy of the game and tie-in novelette by clicking here.

Published by Dead Head Reviews

Dead Head Reviews is a platform that promotes authors, publishers, film makers, and just about anyone you can think of in the horror community. They mainly focus on the book industry, but if something is horror-related, they want to get their hands on it.

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