Dead Head Reviews was founded by Garrett Witt in July 2019. He had been following the review community a year prior and decided that he wanted to take a crack at helping spread the word of amazing books. He began with the ones he was reading at the time. He eventually started receiving offers to review more books. It rapidly grew and The Mysterious Dead Head helped create the original contents of this website. By mid-August Elle Turpitt joined.

Soon after, Garrett partnered with writer Patrick R. McDonough. A month after that Becca Futrell joined, and by October, the spookiest month brought with it another new contributor– Brennan LaFaro. In November, Jason Cavallaro was added to the team, being deemed Dead Head’s Splatterpunk specialist. In the last month of 2019, the Dead Head crew was blessed with two more contributors–Regi Caldart and Ellen Avigliano–making Dead Head Reviews a diverse and go-to platform within the horror community.

The first week of January 2020 kicked off with beloved author, Laurel Hightower, joining as a Guest Contributor. A few days later, Aiden Merchant joined the team. If the month wasn’t exciting enough, Kevin “Well Read Beard” Whitten – YouTube book reviewer – became the latest Dead Head.