[Announcement] – Book Blogger's Novel of the Year Award In association with The Folio Society & The Write Reads

By Elle Turpitt This is exciting news for all indie and self-published authors out there. Entries are now open for the Book Blogger’s Novel of the Year Award (BBNYA). This is a great opportunity for writers to get their books into the hands of over 100 bloggers. Book bloggers from all over the world areContinue reading “[Announcement] – Book Blogger's Novel of the Year Award In association with The Folio Society & The Write Reads”

[Announcement] – Dead Head Features

Dead Head Reviews is growing by the day. We currently offer reviews and interviews for all things horror, ranging from books to films to games, but we want to offer more. We saw great success with our Women in Horror Month features, and we’re generating fantastic interest for our upcoming Pride in Horror Month. PartlyContinue reading “[Announcement] – Dead Head Features”

[Movie Review] – Ostinato

Directed and Written by Luke Luoh In the book world, this film would be the equivalent of a good flash fiction horror – bite sized, but filled exclusively with pieces that move the story along. It comes in at 5 minutes and 41 seconds. Ostinato tackles something serious. Something that affects every single one ofContinue reading “[Movie Review] – Ostinato”

[Review] – Dead Roses: 5 Dark Tales of Twisted Love

By Adam Light, Evans Light, Jason Parent, Edward Lorn, Gregor Xane Published by Corpus Press Unfiltered Extreme Visceral Love. All the pain and desire wrapped in a five story collection. This is another engaging collection from Corpus Press. Five different authors take on the loose theme of love. Different voices and different styles combine toContinue reading “[Review] – Dead Roses: 5 Dark Tales of Twisted Love”

[Review] – The Festering Ones

by S.H. Cooper Superbly entertaining monster/cult novella. For me, a lot of times, a novella doesn’t have great character development and plot. Due to format, it would seem novellas sometimes lack in one or the other, but this one felt to be a great mix between backstory, characters and the main plot. It felt longer,Continue reading “[Review] – The Festering Ones”

[Review] – Snowball

by Gregory Bastianelli I am a huge fan of Christmas and winter horror. Jack Frost, Krampus, Silent Night, Deadly Night and many others often find themselves playing on my TV throughout the cold months. Can you possibly think of anything better than tales about killer Santas and snowmen with a vengeance? No. The answer isContinue reading “[Review] – Snowball”

[Review] – Dead Woman Scorned

By Michael Clark 5 StarsBook 2 in The Patience Of A Dead Man series. This is more than a haunted house story. Hell hath no fury like Mildred Wells. It’s really a perfect melding of history, horror fantasy, and gothic horror. It takes that gorgeous, vast setting that I talked about for Book 1 andContinue reading “[Review] – Dead Woman Scorned”

[Review] – Shallow Waters: Volumes 1 – 4

Edited by John Mynhardt First, a little background: Shallow Waters is a monthly flash fiction challenge from Crystal Lake Publishing, in which a new challenge is posted online each month. The best submissions are then posted to the publisher’s Patreon page and voted on by readers. Those winners (and the most popular finalists) go onContinue reading “[Review] – Shallow Waters: Volumes 1 – 4”

[Review] – Until the Sun

by Where do I even start with this one? It was my first conscious reading of a splatterpunk novel. It’s captivating with its character development. It’s a story about a teenage boy who joins a group of vampires. You can make a case that this is a coming-of-age tale too, which I was pleasantly surprisedContinue reading “[Review] – Until the Sun”

[Review] – The Corruption of Alston House

By John Quick To be upfront, I am generally not a fan of haunted house stories. As such, it’s hard to please me in this subgenre.   The Corruption of Alston House took a while to build for me. You get about half way through the book before anything really happens (beyond Katherine renovating the house and sleep-painting). Normally,Continue reading “[Review] – The Corruption of Alston House”