[Women In Horror Month] – Why I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost

I had not thought much about writing ghost stories until a fortune teller told me, several years ago, that I had a negative aura. We had both been invited to the same gala, but for completely different reasons: she, because geomancy and feng shui were a fashionable trend among the socialites that gathered there; andContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Why I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost”

[Women In Horror Month] – Interview with Shannon Felton

Conducted by Lydian Faust Lydian Faust (LF): Can you tell me a bit about your life, and if your upbringing shaped your writing? Shannon Felton (SF): My childhood definitely had a huge impact on my writing. My parent’s divorce was hard on my entire family and I spent my teenage years in fostercare. By the time I wasContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Interview with Shannon Felton”

[Women In Horror Month] – Mary Shelley

Mary Shelley drafted Frankenstein at age 18 and published Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus when she was 20.  Let’s rephrase that. Mary Shelley won a horror story contest against already published, famous, male authors of the misogynistic 19th century with her first draft of Frankenstein when she was 18 and published it at the youngContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Mary Shelley”

[Women In Horror Month] – Blue Glass

By Michelle Garza and Melissa Lason Bloody foot prints were dried on the steps of the porch. They lead through the front door and into the living room. Ms. Gretchen sat in an old recliner, her favorite place to sit, her body stiff. The officers were careful to avoid disturbing anything as they approached herContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Blue Glass”

[Women In Horror Month] – Mother Horror's Star Rating System

I’m a non-fiction writer writing horror fiction reviews for several different social media platforms; most notably, Scream Magazine and Cemetery Dance. Part of the reviewing process is the star rating or in the case of Scream Magazine, a skull rating. If it were up to me, I would write reviews without ratings, letting the toneContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Mother Horror's Star Rating System”

[Women In Horror Month] – Horror isn’t dead. . . It’s very much alive

For most of the last four decades, horror had gone through a specific formula. From slashers to creature features, horror movies followed a few simple rules. If you’re naked in the first few minutes, you’re dead. Planning to have sex? Dead. Check out random noise and tell everyone you’ll be back? Guess what. You’re dead.Continue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Horror isn’t dead. . . It’s very much alive”

[Women In Horror Month] – Interview with EV Knight

Sara Tantlinger (ST): Today I have the pleasure of sharing an insightful interview with author EV Knight with you all! I recently had the pleasure of reading an advanced copy of her debut novel, The Fourth Whore, which will be released in early 2020 by Raw Dog Screaming Press. I loved the boldness and darkContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Interview with EV Knight”

[Women In Horror Month] – Laurie "Bark"

Hi there, my name is Laurie but I’m also known as Bark around social media. I can’t even remember how that happened but it probably had something to do with my big mouth and my tendency to bark back at trollish behavior. Dead Head Reviews invited me here to talk about my reading life today.Continue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Laurie "Bark"”

[Women In Horror Month] – C.V. Hunt

Ten years ago my brother and I drove to Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with our parents. It was literally the last holiday all of us, including my half-brother, spent together. It was also when my mom told the family her cancer had relapsed again and this time she was choosing to not seek treatment. SheContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – C.V. Hunt”

[Women In Horror Month] – Dead Head Ladies

Love Letters to Horror Women in Horror Month presents an opportunity to dedicate time to lifting up voices of women in our beloved genre, a genre which hasn’t always treated women – or other minority groups – in the best way. Things are changing, but we still have a way to go. There have alwaysContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Dead Head Ladies”