[Review] – The Deception of Kathryn Vask

By Mark Steensland I wish theatre horror was a bigger thing. I wish more people would realise how amazing this genre can – and does – do on stage, especially when the right special effects are used. And there’s something much more terrifying about being right there and seeing something unfold on stage, rather thanContinue reading “[Review] – The Deception of Kathryn Vask”

[Mental Health Awareness] – BEES: A MENTAL HEALTH DISCUSSION

By Aiden Merchant All my life, I have dealt with people who do not understand depression or anxiety. They’ve said I was faking. They’ve said I was being over dramatic. They’ve said I was just looking for attention or trying to get out of work. But if you are someone who suffers from a mentalContinue reading “[Mental Health Awareness] – BEES: A MENTAL HEALTH DISCUSSION”

[Feature] – Meet The Dead Heads: Jason

Our next Dead Head for this feature is Jason, our resident splatterpunk/extreme horror expert. Checking out any of his reviews, it’s clear Jason knows what he’s talking about. So enjoy this peek behind the curtain. How did you come to join Dead Head Reviews? Patrick asked me.  Because he’s way too nice. What’s your roleContinue reading “[Feature] – Meet The Dead Heads: Jason”

[Review] – A Cosmology of Monsters

A Cosmology of MonstersBy Shaun Hamill A Cosmology of Monsters will be released in the UK on June 2nd, from Titan Books. It is currently available in the US. This is one of those books where it’s hard to really summarise the events. A lot happens in A Cosmology of Monsters, a novel that spans decades, focusedContinue reading “[Review] – A Cosmology of Monsters”

[Review] – Severin: Poems

by Lydian Faust This collection is a mix of Sci-Fi and Horror poems. There is no flowery bullshit here, because frankly Faust has no time for that. No, seriously, it says so right there on the back of the book. I love the hell out of some Horror poetry because it allows me to breakContinue reading “[Review] – Severin: Poems”

[Review] – Bottled

by Stephanie Ellis Published by Silver Shamrock Smart, slow-burn, dread building horror that leaves you trapped in its pages. I think this book is smarter than I am. I think this book touches concepts of pacing and narrative unfamiliar to me as a horror reader. My first thoughts on the book were that I wasn’t crazyContinue reading “[Review] – Bottled”

[Review] – The Wise Friend

by Ramsey Campbell The Wise Friend was released April 23rd, 2020 by Flame Tree Press. The Wise Friend served as my introduction to Ramsey Campbell. As such I have no other works to hold up in comparison, simply the legendary author’s name standing behind this title. Combine that with the Flame Tree label on theContinue reading “[Review] – The Wise Friend”

[Feature] Meet the Dead Heads: Patrick

And today on our Meet the Dead Heads feature is our fearless leader, Patrick McDonough. Somehow, Patrick has managed to head up the current team of Dead Heads, create a new podcast, and work on his own fiction. He also has an adorable little boy who brightens up everyone’s day when his picture appears onContinue reading “[Feature] Meet the Dead Heads: Patrick”