[Pride In Horror Month] – Spotlight on Octavia Butler

Octavia Butler is one of the most well-known Science Fiction authors in literature, but how much do you know about her? We’ve put together a little biography of her career as a writer (Or you can check out the TLDR timeline at the end for a crash course!) Octavia Butler, born June 22nd 1947, isContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] – Spotlight on Octavia Butler”

[Pride In Horror Month] – Representation Matters

Okay, here’s something important, something I think many people are aware of but just in case you’re not aware of it: representation is important. Our lives are not just made up of one kind of person, but representation doesn’t mean jack shit if it includes shitting on another marginalised class.  Also important to note isContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] – Representation Matters”

[Devil’s Creek Week] – The Allure of Cults

Cults – both fictional and real – have proved endlessly fascinating. The exploration of them in horror seems to be a trend right now, and I am completely and utterly here for it. This week on Dead Head Reviews, we’re celebrating the release of Todd Keisling’s Devil’s Creek, a book which explores a different side to cultsContinue reading “[Devil’s Creek Week] – The Allure of Cults”