[Review] – The Fourth Whore

By EV Knight This book was recently released on March 25th. EV Knight comes out swinging in her debut novel from Raw Dog Screaming Press.  This is a blood soaked, apocalyptic, splatterpunky revenge tale that is epic in scope. The book borrows from folklore in order to portray the end of the world.  It actually remindedContinue reading “[Review] – The Fourth Whore”

[Review] – Master of Pain

by Wrath James White and Kristopher Rufty I usually try to avoid reading the same author twice in a row, but I made a mistake in planning my reviews and read Wrath White’s Voracious before this one.  This was okay though, since I really enjoy reading Wrath’s stuff, and I’ve never read Rufty before. InContinue reading “[Review] – Master of Pain”

[Review] – Dark Celebrations

by Calvin Demmer Calvin Demmer immediately became one of my favorite writers when I read his debut collection The Sea Was A Fair Master. Many people agree with me when I say it is excellent. Calvin knows how to pack such a punch in what seems as little words as possible. So it may beContinue reading “[Review] – Dark Celebrations”

[Review] – The Forever House

by Tim Waggoner On today’s episode of ‘sentences I never thought I’d write’, prepare yourself for a tale of suburban cosmic horror! On March 26th, Flame Tree Press is putting out Tim Waggoner’s newest novel, The Forever House.  From the outset, Waggoner lets the reader know that there are going to be some strange elementsContinue reading “[Review] – The Forever House”

[Review] – Remains

by Andrew Cull Remains is a slow-burn. It’s a psychological, well-crafted story. It’s ambiguous. It’s unnerving. Unsettling. Terrifying. But above all, it’s a story so damn good, it almost hurts.  I know some people consider slow burns a negative thing. I mean quite the opposite. Cull has an incredible gift for weaving in so muchContinue reading “[Review] – Remains”

[Review] – The Patience of a Dead Man

By Michael Clark I have said it time and time again: I am a setting guy. I love vivid, sprawling settings in my books. The setting is often my favorite character. Example: The Overlook, Hogwarts. This book checked that box for me in a major way. The twenty-three acre property and house that we areContinue reading “[Review] – The Patience of a Dead Man”

[Review] – Where Dragonflies Dance

by A.A. Medina By A.A. Medina This is my second Medina read, having read the first Claybrook book Siphon last year. These books do NOT have to be read in order. You do not have to have read Siphon to read this book. In the end there is a scene that shows that these twoContinue reading “[Review] – Where Dragonflies Dance”

[Review] – Dead Roses: 5 Dark Tales of Twisted Love

By Adam Light, Evans Light, Jason Parent, Edward Lorn, Gregor Xane Published by Corpus Press Unfiltered Extreme Visceral Love. All the pain and desire wrapped in a five story collection. This is another engaging collection from Corpus Press. Five different authors take on the loose theme of love. Different voices and different styles combine toContinue reading “[Review] – Dead Roses: 5 Dark Tales of Twisted Love”

[Review] – The Festering Ones

by S.H. Cooper Superbly entertaining monster/cult novella. For me, a lot of times, a novella doesn’t have great character development and plot. Due to format, it would seem novellas sometimes lack in one or the other, but this one felt to be a great mix between backstory, characters and the main plot. It felt longer,Continue reading “[Review] – The Festering Ones”

[Review] – Snowball

by Gregory Bastianelli I am a huge fan of Christmas and winter horror. Jack Frost, Krampus, Silent Night, Deadly Night and many others often find themselves playing on my TV throughout the cold months. Can you possibly think of anything better than tales about killer Santas and snowmen with a vengeance? No. The answer isContinue reading “[Review] – Snowball”