[Reviews] – Dig Two Graves Vol. II

By Death’s Head Press I’ve recently reviewed Volume 1 of this anthology series, and I’ve already said what I wanted to say about anthologies in general. So, I will make this short. As with any anthology, there are highlights and lowlights. These were the highlights: “Catalog” by Wesley Southard – This is the first story in this anthology, andContinue reading “[Reviews] – Dig Two Graves Vol. II”

[Review] – Dig Two Graves Vol. 1

Edited by Death’s Head Press Firstly, I have to admit that I have a love/hate relationship with anthologies. As a kid (and a newbie to horror literature) I loved them. I was introduced to tons of great writers, all in one reading experience. It was also a great way to discover the different writing styles that theContinue reading “[Review] – Dig Two Graves Vol. 1”

[Double-Feature – Review] The Plague Trilogy

By Patrick R. McDonough About The Apocalyptic Master There’s plenty of authors that write about apocalyptic events. Many spin excellent tales. But to me, Rich Hawkins is a master at that craft. Not only is he one of the finest writers to come out of England, but his Plague Trilogy is something that should beContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Review] The Plague Trilogy”

[Double-Feature -Review] – Skullface Boy

By Chad Lutzke Published in 2018, Skullface Boy is the epitome of blended literary genres, encompassing horror and gothic fiction, to coming of age, with a constant undertone of autobiographical fiction elements. Similar to J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Skullface Boy evoked emotions and themes around isolation, freedom, and adolescence. Born with a skull for a face, sixteen-year-oldContinue reading “[Double-Feature -Review] – Skullface Boy”

[Review] – Creature

By Hunter Shea Chronic illnesses, incurable diseases, doctors and experimental treatments are all part of Kate’s life. Leaving Kate mostly confined to her house with her dog, Buttons, and her husband Andrew. Though Kate puts a brave face on everything, the battle with her own body has taken its toll, not just on her butContinue reading “[Review] – Creature”

[Review] – Grief Is A False God

By Gemma Amor * Minor spoilers ahead If you don’t know it by now, I have become a bit of a connoisseur of the writing of Gemma Amor. Since discovering her about nine months ago via Cruel Works of Nature (one of my favorite reads of 2019), I have devoured everything she has out thereContinue reading “[Review] – Grief Is A False God”

[Review] – Obliquatur Voluptas

By Death’s Head Press Maybe Death’s Head Press can corroborate, but I believe that Obliquatur Voluptas is Sumerian for “this is some f’ed up sh*t.”  This is the last anthology review from the Death’s Head Press bundle (thank you!) sent to me from DHP.  It’s a collection of erotic horror stories, which I’ve never triedContinue reading “[Review] – Obliquatur Voluptas”

[REVIEW] Devouring Dark – by Alan Baxter

DEVOURING DARK by Alan Baxter When I went to read Alan Baxter for the first time, I ended up choosing Devouring Darkbecause its premise reminded me of a comic series I enjoyed when I was growing up: The Darkness. You have your anti-hero with a shadow-like power surging inside him that can be unleashed in horrific ways.Continue reading “[REVIEW] Devouring Dark – by Alan Baxter”

[REVIEW] The Night Crawls In – by Steve Stred

I have read a few of Steve’s books this year – including The Stranger, Jane, and The Girl Who Hid in the Trees – but I think The Night Crawls In has to be my favorite so far. This collection of drabbles (stories averaging just a couple hundred words for the most part) and poemsContinue reading “[REVIEW] The Night Crawls In – by Steve Stred”

[REVIEW] The Crow’s Gift (And Other Tales)- by Sonora Taylor

I have found these short collections to be very useful in finding new favorite authors in the indie community. If it only takes you a couple hours to check out a release, you’re more likely to give a new writer a chance you wouldn’t give if they only had long novels available for introduction. AsContinue reading “[REVIEW] The Crow’s Gift (And Other Tales)- by Sonora Taylor”