[Double-Feature – Interview] – Rich Hawkins

Dead Head Reviews (DHR): You tend to have a unique cosmic or unexplainable element in your stories. Have you always been drawn to cosmic horror? Rich Hawkins (RH): Yes, most definitely, and more so as I’ve gotten older. I’ve been drawn to it even before I knew what it was called. DHR: Fair to say,Continue reading “[Double-Feature – Interview] – Rich Hawkins”

[Double-Feature – Review] The Plague Trilogy

By Patrick R. McDonough About The Apocalyptic Master There’s plenty of authors that write about apocalyptic events. Many spin excellent tales. But to me, Rich Hawkins is a master at that craft. Not only is he one of the finest writers to come out of England, but his Plague Trilogy is something that should beContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Review] The Plague Trilogy”

[Double-Feature – Interview] – Chad Lutzke

Dead Head Reviews (DHR): In relation to your book Skullface Boy, is this autobiographical fiction? If so, what story elements in particular? Was Rainbow Rick someone you once knew? Chad Lutzke (CL): There are several bits sprinkled throughout which are autobiographical and too many to list without boring you. I lived in Denver for aContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Interview] – Chad Lutzke”

[Double-Feature -Review] – Skullface Boy

By Chad Lutzke Published in 2018, Skullface Boy is the epitome of blended literary genres, encompassing horror and gothic fiction, to coming of age, with a constant undertone of autobiographical fiction elements. Similar to J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Skullface Boy evoked emotions and themes around isolation, freedom, and adolescence. Born with a skull for a face, sixteen-year-oldContinue reading “[Double-Feature -Review] – Skullface Boy”

[Double-Feature – Review] – The Old One And The Sea

By Patrick R. McDonough This book made me feel like a child, and I mean that exclusively in every complimentary way imaginable. Let’s start with the idea of the book itself. It’s about a young Howard Phillips Lovecraft as a child. It’s before he was a writer. And like the author’s (Lex H Jones) introductionContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Review] – The Old One And The Sea”