[Interview] – Who the Hell is Mark Sieber?

Intro It was the early 2000s and I had no idea who Mark Sieber was either …yet.  All I knew was his name appeared in the Shocklines message boards very often and he seemed very opinionated, but also extremely well informed.  I was at a point in my horror reading life where I’d read allContinue reading “[Interview] – Who the Hell is Mark Sieber?”

[DeadHeadRooviews] – Interview with Alan Baxter

Brennan LaFaro (BL): Hey Alan, thank you for gifting the world with this brilliant story, and for taking the time to answer a few questions. Anyone who has picked up the book, or frequents Twitter, may already be familiar with how this story came to be, but for the uninitiated, can you give us theContinue reading “[DeadHeadRooviews] – Interview with Alan Baxter”

[Artist Spotlight Feature] – The Art of Cassie Daley

Here at Dead Head Reviews believe in supporting diversity within the Horror Community. Diversity not only refers to shining a spotlight on marginalized community members, such as Women In Horror Month, but also in regards to the type of content we bring you. You’ve come to know us for our book reviews, movie reviews, interviews, andContinue reading “[Artist Spotlight Feature] – The Art of Cassie Daley”

[Women In Horror Month] – Interview with Hailey Piper

Hailey Piper is the author of The Possession of Natalie Glasgow, An Invitation to Darkness, and Benny Rose, The Cannibal King. Her debut novel, The Verses of Aeg, is due out later this year through Bronzeville Books. She lives in New York, writes horror, and dark fantasy, and is a genuine pleasure to speak with. Brennan LaFaroContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Interview with Hailey Piper”

[Women In Horror Month] – Laurel Hightower interviews V. Castro

Laurel Hightower (LH): First I want to say how much I liked Maria the Wanted. This book, and your protagonist, were a totally new and exciting take on the genre – I saw you’re a fan of the vampire subgenre, and you were able to breathe new life into it. In seeing your tweets and mentions ofContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Laurel Hightower interviews V. Castro”

[In Depth Interview] – Kit Power

Dead Head Reviews (DHR): Kit, you’ve dipped your toe in a lot of areas within the horror community. For those that aren’t familiar with you and your work, would you care to share how you got started in the horror community? Kit Power (KP): Man, it’s so funny you would ask me that; I justContinue reading “[In Depth Interview] – Kit Power”

[Double-Feature – Interview] – Chad Lutzke

Dead Head Reviews (DHR): In relation to your book Skullface Boy, is this autobiographical fiction? If so, what story elements in particular? Was Rainbow Rick someone you once knew? Chad Lutzke (CL): There are several bits sprinkled throughout which are autobiographical and too many to list without boring you. I lived in Denver for aContinue reading “[Double-Feature – Interview] – Chad Lutzke”

[Interview] – Author Patrick R. McDonough

By Garrett Witt Welcome all. Today I’m very lucky to be interviewing a growing name in the indie horror/scifi field, Patrick R. McDonough.  GW – Hi Patrick, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little about yourself and your background?  PRM – Hello Garrett. Thank you for having me! I’m a New Englander that movedContinue reading “[Interview] – Author Patrick R. McDonough”