[Listicle] – Learn More About H.H. Holmes

DocumentaryH.H. Holmes: America’s First Serial Killer: A Film by John BorowskiUnrated, Runtime: 1hr 4minWhere to Watch: Amazon Prime DocumentaryMurder Hotel: The Story of America’s First Serial Killer / Slaughtered at the Murder HotelUnrated, Runtime: 51minsWhere to Watch: Amazon Prime DocumentaryHH Holmes: Original EvilTV-MA, Runtime: 1hr 10minsWhere to Watch: Amazon Prime Nonfiction BookThe Devil in theContinue reading “[Listicle] – Learn More About H.H. Holmes”

[Listicle] – 10 Facts About HH Holmes

HH Holmes is one of America’s most notorious serial killers, but he was also a mastermind con artist, swindler, and fraud! Check out our list of fascinating facts about this wildly bizarre man below. Did we miss a fun fact that you’d like to share with the class? Leave your suggestion in the comments below!Continue reading “[Listicle] – 10 Facts About HH Holmes”

[Listicle] – 10 Read Aloud Recommendations for Introducing Young Kids to Horror, Supernatural, and Scary Stories

Little Blue Truck HalloweenBy Alice Schertle Illustrated by Jill McElmurry Tiny tots will love this introduction to Halloween stories featuring their favourite board book buddy, Little blue truck!   If your child is already in love with Little Blue Truck (a super fun baby/toddler friendly board book for story time with colourful and lively illustrations)Continue reading “[Listicle] – 10 Read Aloud Recommendations for Introducing Young Kids to Horror, Supernatural, and Scary Stories”

Best of 2019 Dead Head Reads

Below are a few Dead Heads’ best of list.Not all lists contain books published in 2019. My name is Jason. I read 131 books this year, and these were my ten favorites. Ranked too…because I like headaches and indecision apparently. 10:  The Best of the Scream Factory. This is a reference book from Cemetery DanceContinue reading “Best of 2019 Dead Head Reads”