[Movie Review] – Daniel Isn’t Real

“Daniel Isn’t Real” (2019)Directed by Adam Egypt MortimerNot Rated; Mature Audiences SuggestedRuntime 96 Minutes Where to watch: Now streaming on Shudder.com Trigger warnings: domestic abuse, extreme gun violence, divorce, depression, anxiety, body horror, divorce, medication abuse/overdose, mental illness, body horror, toxic masculinity, relationship abuse, sexual abuse, hallucinations Epilepsy/Photosensitivity Warning for flashing lights and imagery. IfContinue reading “[Movie Review] – Daniel Isn’t Real”

[Movie Review] – “Downrange”

“Downrange” (2017)90 min runtimeDirected by Ryhuei KitamuraRating: NR (suggested audience R or M, hard rating) Trigger warnings: Gun Violence, Extreme gore/blood, Pregnancy, Loss of a child, car accident, death. As far as thrillers go, Downrange is a lean, mean, killing machine. It’s hard to really break down any storyline or plot in this movie beyondContinue reading “[Movie Review] – “Downrange””

[Movie Review] – Ostinato

Directed and Written by Luke Luoh In the book world, this film would be the equivalent of a good flash fiction horror – bite sized, but filled exclusively with pieces that move the story along. It comes in at 5 minutes and 41 seconds. Ostinato tackles something serious. Something that affects every single one ofContinue reading “[Movie Review] – Ostinato”

[Review] – Bliss

By: Dark Sky Films Studio / Director: Joe Begos  Runtime: 80min  Where to Watch: Shudder  MovieTrailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kf_NvFfGnaY&feature=youtu.be   Trigger Warning: Heavy  Drug Abuse, Drug Trip/Hallucinations, Extreme Sexual Content, Implied Sexual Coercion/Abuse, Heavy Alcohol Abuse, Body Horror, Extreme Blood/Gore, Suicidal Ideation, Attempted Suicide, Gun Violence  Epilepsy/Sensory Sensitivity Warning: Flashing Opening Credit Titles, Flashing Lights/Flashing Imagery, Loud Music, Loud Noises  Last week, I had grown quite tired of myContinue reading “[Review] – Bliss”

[DeadHeadRooviews] – Straight from the Land of Oz: One Dozen Australian Horror/Thrillers to Watch Right Now [Part Two]

All of the movies on this list have been filmed or set in Australia, feature an Australian cast, or were produced/backed by Australian companies.  This list is presented in no particular order and no preference as to “best” or “worst.”  Each of these fine Aussie flicks is worth watching for their own enjoyable reasons.  MostContinue reading “[DeadHeadRooviews] – Straight from the Land of Oz: One Dozen Australian Horror/Thrillers to Watch Right Now [Part Two]”