[Review] – Reception

By Kenzie Jennings Wedding reception + cannibals!  Great premise. In my experience, wedding receptions can be so boring that I would personally welcome the presence of cannibals.  (At the very least, I would like to see one of those damn wedding DJs eaten.) If you’re into cannibal fiction, Kenzie Jennings’s debut has many of them,Continue reading “[Review] – Reception”

[Women In Horror Month] – More Women Authors You May Have Missed

Yes, it has occurred to me that every other WIHM article on Dead Head Reviews has been written by a woman.  (Dammit Patrick…You told me I could do this…) So, hopefully you have read all of the other articles this month.  Those are all poignant, heartfelt, and brilliantly written articles, told from unique viewpoints.  *sigh*Continue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – More Women Authors You May Have Missed”