[Review] – Dark Ends

Edited by Clayton Snyder Dark Ends is a collection of dark fantasy novelettes, written by five very talented authors. These tales tie into longer length stories from these authors, which is absolutely great because in every instance I found myself wanting more of these worlds and these characters. This is a really well put togetherContinue reading “[Review] – Dark Ends”

[Pride In Horror Month] – Mabel: A Podcast About Faery, A Family Curse, and Lesbian Love

“Hi, you’ve reached Mabel Martin. I’m not here to take your call right now, so please leave a message after the beep, and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks!” I started listening to Mabel Podcast recently, and it’s been keeping me awake for the best of reasons. For starters, it’sContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] – Mabel: A Podcast About Faery, A Family Curse, and Lesbian Love”

[Review] – The Patience Of A Dead Man

By Michael Clark The Patience of a Dead Man By Michael Clark There are a lot of great ghost stories out there. I’ve found a few of those this year. The Patience of a Dead Man is the first book in a trilogy where our protagonist, Tim, and his real-estate-agent-turned girlfriend, Holly, uncover some hiddenContinue reading “[Review] – The Patience Of A Dead Man”

[Devil’s Creek Week] – Aiden’s Review

Devil’s CreekBy Todd KeislingBook Release: June 16, 2020 Give us that old-time religion. Oddly enough, I have never read cult horror before; at least, nothing of which comes to mind. It’s always been a genre that terrified me. I remember trying to watch a movie about it once, but I turned it off in itsContinue reading “[Devil’s Creek Week] – Aiden’s Review”

[Mental Health Awareness] – Ellen’s Journey

By Ellen Avigliano When I first set out to write this essay, I wasn’t quite sure which angle I should choose. I felt that truthful and direct seemed the best option, so I started making notes about my life and its trials.  After I filled the first page, I felt like I was making headwayContinue reading “[Mental Health Awareness] – Ellen’s Journey”

[Review] – Savage Mountain

By John Quick Before this novel I had never read anything by John Quick, although he was one of a slew of writers that have been on my radar. Thanks to Grindhouse Press, here was my chance. Savage Mountain is a wilderness survival story, kind of like a cross between Alex Garland’s The Beach andContinue reading “[Review] – Savage Mountain”

[Mental Health Awareness] – Loving Guardian

By Patrick R. McDonough I fell out of love with reading when I reached high school; I blame that on the school system forcing us students into required reading via boring books that I couldn’t care less about. From that point on, the only stories  I really consumed were through film and video games. ThatContinue reading “[Mental Health Awareness] – Loving Guardian”