[Double-Feature – Interview] – Rich Hawkins

Dead Head Reviews (DHR): You tend to have a unique cosmic or unexplainable element in your stories. Have you always been drawn to cosmic horror? Rich Hawkins (RH): Yes, most definitely, and more so as I’ve gotten older. I’ve been drawn to it even before I knew what it was called. DHR: Fair to say,Continue reading “[Double-Feature – Interview] – Rich Hawkins”

[Review] – Grief Is A False God

By Gemma Amor * Minor spoilers ahead If you don’t know it by now, I have become a bit of a connoisseur of the writing of Gemma Amor. Since discovering her about nine months ago via Cruel Works of Nature (one of my favorite reads of 2019), I have devoured everything she has out thereContinue reading “[Review] – Grief Is A False God”

[Review] – Obliquatur Voluptas

By Death’s Head Press Maybe Death’s Head Press can corroborate, but I believe that Obliquatur Voluptas is Sumerian for “this is some f’ed up sh*t.”  This is the last anthology review from the Death’s Head Press bundle (thank you!) sent to me from DHP.  It’s a collection of erotic horror stories, which I’ve never triedContinue reading “[Review] – Obliquatur Voluptas”

[Review] – Little Paranoias

By Sonora Taylor 4.5 Stars – I initially put this at 4 stars – but after taking the time to actually write this review – I realized that 4 wasn’t enough – so 4.5 is rounded up for the sake of Goodreads and Amazon. This was an absolutely wonderful collection of short stories and theContinue reading “[Review] – Little Paranoias”

[Review] – All The Things We Never See

By Michael Kelly Kelly’s All the Things We Never See is a compelling collection of unsettling short stories. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this collection was the quick-read literary snack I was looking for.  It is filled to the brim with everything from haikus to one-pagers to chapter length yarns. StoriesContinue reading “[Review] – All The Things We Never See”

[Review] – Till The Score Is Paid

By Gemma Amor There has been a lot of discussion in the horror community lately about trigger warnings contained in books labelled as horror.  Whatever side of the fence you may fall on, Gemma Amor’s introduction serves as an establishment of theme, as well as notifying readers that potentially troubling subjects will be covered inContinue reading “[Review] – Till The Score Is Paid”

[Review] – True Crime

By Samantha Kolesnik When Grindhouse released the cover for True Crime by Samantha Kolesnik, it caught the attention of just about everyone in the horror community. Seriously, it’s a thing of genius. Go ahead, scroll back up and look. I’ll wait.  No matter how good the cover, the blurb from Brian Keene, and the synopsisContinue reading “[Review] – True Crime”

[Review] – The Big Book of Blasphemy

Edited by Regina Garza Mitchell and David G. Barnett This will be my last anthology for a while, as there are none left on my to-read pile.  This one comes all the way from Sanford Florida’s Necro Publications.Anthologies are tough to assess, as they are made of separate, individual pieces but I will try.  ThereContinue reading “[Review] – The Big Book of Blasphemy”

[Review] – Lullabies For Suffering

Edited by Mark Matthews If you haven’t really considered it before, consider it now: addiction is pure horror. Prior to Lullabies For Suffering, I thought of addiction as a staple ingredient in literary drama; horror hadn’t really occurred to me. After reading this collection, it seems like such an obvious overlook on my part. HowContinue reading “[Review] – Lullabies For Suffering”