Dead Headspace: A Podcast

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Dead Headspace is a podcast highlighting the best content by writers, reviewers, and creators in the Horror, Dark Fantasy,
Dark Scifi, & True Crime genres.


  • Episode 1: Lex H Jones
  • Episode 2: Jim “Gingernuts of Horror” Mcleod
  • Episode 3: Horror Classics: The Girl Next Door
  • Episode 4: Ink Heist
  • Episode 5: Michael Clark
  • Episode 6: Ken McKinley

Season One launches May 27th 2020. Episodes will be released every Monday, with Bonuses and Specials peppered in between sporadically.

Bonus – An extra episode(s) within a normal show week.
Special – A guest outside of the horror community.

Break between Season 1 and 2, as well as when season 2 airs is currently TBD.



Rocko’s Modern Life, as a child, is my earliest recollection of when I fell in love with horror. It’s weird fiction, and I dare any of you to argue with that point. When I got a little bit older I became obsessed with the Goosebump series, as well as its television adaptation.

I didn’t discover the indie horror scene until I was in my mid-twenties. Since then, I have only become more involved. I fell into the role of a reviewer for Dead Head Reviews, ended up taking over that platform, which turned into me starting this podcast show with a guy that I became good friends with. I’ve read so many books based on how much I like the person behind the story. That’s what my goal is with this show – shining a light on as many amazing individuals as I can and showing you the person behind the art.


I started my horror journey the same way many of us did, with Stephen King. As much as I still love his ability to tell a story, I knew there must be more out there and I was thrilled to discover how much incredible work is being done on the indie scene. I started writing reviews on goodreads and eventually a blog to get the word out about these phenomenal stories that the masses were missing out on.

Dead Head gave me a larger platform to promote horror and help these authors, who are not only fabulous writers but terrific human beings as well, to share their work and let people who might connect with it know it exists. This podcast is simply the next step in the journey to support and promote horror. Print interviews with creators are wonderful but don’t allow the depths you can get to with a podcast interview. Talking to an author about works they’ve created allows potential readers to not only get a preview of the story they’re looking for, but to meet the person behind it as as well. 


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