The Staff at DeadHeadReviews is a truly unique cast of characters. Each member of our gang of talented writers/creators has a unique voice and style. This wide variety of perspectives truly makes our team well-rounded and balanced. We all truly love what we do, and we do it with passion!

Our contributors are currently based throughout the United States and U.K.

Patrick R. McDonough


He lives in South Jersey with his wife, son, and legion of fur babies (1 pig, 1 dog, 1 cat, 2 chinchillas, and 1 koi fish). He writes fiction and is currently pursuing the short story market. He also has an undying love for hard rock and heavy metal.
Slashers/serial killers, dark scifi, and dark crime rank highest in his heart.

Book Preference: Paperback and hardcover

You can follow Patrick on:
Twitter: @Prmcdonough
Instagram: /mrpatzilla

Elle Turpitt

Head Copy Editor/Contributor

Elle lives near the coast in South Wales, and is always reading, writing, editing, or mulling over stories in her head. She also enjoys playing video games, of which her favourites are Skyrim, Fallout, Bioshock, Sims, and Planet Coaster. When not embracing the darkness in horror and dark fantasy, she is usually cooing over cute dog pictures or videos, or drowning in Disney. She has had some short fiction published, and is currently working on too many short stories to count. She also helps other writers through her beta reading service.

When it comes to horror, she loves it all, but especially enjoys anthologies and paranormal/supernatural horror.

Book Preference: MOBI, paperback, and hardcover

You can follow Elle on:
Twitter: @elleturpitt
 Her website:

Ellen Avigliano

Copy Editor/Designer/Contributor

Ellen is an Artist, Illustrator, and Book Nerd hailing from the great state of New Jersey (which nobody actually pronounces “new JOI-see”, thanks.)
As a child, instead of being immersed in the glitzy world of late 80s/early 90s video games, Ellen was instead surrounded by piles upon piles of books (think Smaug the dragon with his pile of gold but…books!) With more than a little help from Mom The Librarian, she developed a penchant for the poetic, flare for the fictitious, and a desire for the dramatic. Her most favorite literary pursuits include Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and fiction that’s a little “rough around the edges.” Thanks to Papa the Film Buff, he made sure both his children were fed a steady diet of classic cinema and retro gems. Young Ellen also developed a distinctly strange taste for cheesy movies and bad films. Don’t worry though, she can still throw down some Pretentious Film School Student Snobbery and go toe-to-toe with the best of ‘em!
Ellen loves bad puns, all dogs, and Lucy the Cat. She is a self-proclaimed Champion Hula Hooper. Halloween is her favorite season. At her core she believes in challenging societal norms, equality and justice for all, and smashing the patriarchy. When she’s not reading, making art, or watering her houseplants, you can find her drinking copious amounts of coffee (okay, fine, sometimes she multi-tasks with that last one.)

Book Preference: Hardcover, Paperback, ePub

You can follow Ellen on:
Insta: @thejackalopes.warren and @imaginariumarts
Twitter: @imaginariumcs
Pinterest: /imaginariumarts

Garrett Witt


Garrett lives in Virginia with his fiancé and two sons. What draws him into horror the most is how cathartic it is. It’s an outlet to pour negative emotions into and come out feeling better, despite what the characters may go through.
He enjoys supernatural horror the most, with a side of slashers and slow-burn tension horror.

Book Preference: Paperback and hardback

You can follow Garrett on:
Twitter: @reviewshead

Becca “Bex” Futrell


Cat mom, first. Writer, second. Bex lives in Michigan with a few four-legged furry minions & she wouldn’t want life any other way. Her time is often spent devouring the horror genre, baking, playing video games & pretending that she actually knows what she’s doing. 
It’s pretty safe to say that horror has been a huge part of her life. Ever since she can remember, she’s watched Freddy Krueger destroy dreams, and Michael Myers stalk from behind hedges. What do you expect from someone who has a horror author for a father? She’s a sucker for slashers and black comedies. 

Book Preference: Paperback and MOBI

You can follow Bex on:
Her blog:

Brennan LaFaro


Brennan LaFaro lives on the south coast of Massachusetts with his wife, two sons, and two dogs. He is a music teacher by day–specializing in bass and piano–and an avid reader by night. Brennan enjoys paranormal/supernatural stories, with a particular affinity for haunted house tales, as well as creature features, and any good character-driven horror. 

Book preference: Paperback, hardcover, and MOBI

You can follow Brennan on: 
His Blog:

Aiden Merchant

Copy Editor/Contributor

Aiden is the author of several collections and singles, including Dead As Soon As Born and Horrific Holidays. He has been writing since he was a kid, influenced by Jurassic Park and The Mummy. In 2019, he began to review books for the first time, discovering a staggering amount of excellent writers in the independent community. He now pays more attention to the unknown above the famous.

Book Preference: Paperback and MOBI

You can follow Aiden on:
Twitter: @AidenMerchant89
Instagram: /AidenMerchant.

Jason Cavallaro

Splatterpunk Specialist/Contributor

Jason Cavallaro was born 8 days before the premiere of George Romero’s Dawn of the Dead. Jason did not attend that premiere, because 8-day old infants aren’t supposed to travel cross country to see horror films. But….his mom should’ve at least TRIED. To make up for this oversight. He reads over 100 books every year, most of them in the horror genre. He is not an author, because that would cut into his reading time too much. Instead, it is his mission to read all the great books (so you can read them too) and the bad ones (so you don’t have to). Although horror is his favorite genre, he has been known to also read fantasy and science fiction. When not reading, he is either playing drums or talking to cats. He has a monthly column at

Book Preference: Paperback

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Regi Caldart

Project Coordinator/Contributor

Regi lives in Western Pennsylvania with her partner and three grumpy bunnies. When she’s not studying to be a Pilates instructor or working as a project manager, you can usually find her reading, writing, playing video games, and watching movies. Give her a follow on Twitter for cute bunny pictures, small rants about translation woes, and stories about her time working in a cadaver lab.
When it comes to horror, it has been a part of her life since she can remember. The first horror movie she can remember seeing was Night of the Living Dead, and as such she has a particular affinity for zombies. She also enjoys paranormal tales, dark fantasy, graphic novels, and manga. One of her favorite authors is Ryu Murakami, and she thinks that says a lot about her. 

Book preference: Audiobook, hardcover, paperback 

You can follow Regi on:
Twitter: @IgnatiaStrigha 
Instagram: /Regi_Caldart 
Litsy: /Regi_C

Kevin “Well Read Beard” Whitten


Well Read Beard lives in rural Kentucky on a 30 acre farm with his wife and two children. He spends his days working from home in IT with his blind Great Pyrenees, Cotton. He found his love of reading in the early ’90’s cutting his teeth on King. Now, he specializes in independent, small press horror and dark, gritty Appalachian books. His musical preferences center around the great American songwriters: Springsteen, Young, and Dylan. He dabbles in songwriting and poetry.

Book Preference: Paperback and Hardcover

You can follow Well Beard on:
 Well Read Beard Channel

Laurel Hightower


Laurel Hightower grew up in Kentucky, attending college in California and Tennessee before returning home to horse country, where she lives with her husband, son and two rescue animals, Yattering the cat (named for the Clive Barker short story) and Ladybug the adorable mutt. She definitely wants to see a picture of your dog, and often bonds with complete strangers over animal stories. A lifetime reader, she would raid her parents’ bookshelves from an early age, resulting in a number of awkward conversations about things like, “what does getting laid mean?” She loves discovering new favorite authors, and supporting the writing and reading community.
Laurel works as a paralegal in a mid-size firm, wrangling litigators by day and writing at night. A bourbon and beer girl, she’s a fan of horror movies and true life ghost stories. Whispers in the Dark is her first novel, though there are always more in the pipeline, and she loves researching anything horror related. She can usually be found working on the next project into the wee hours, sometimes as late as ten at night, as long as her toddler allows it. Follow her on social media, even though she’s really bad at it, and she’ll follow you back. Plus you’ll be rewarded by pictures of cute dogs and kids.

Book Preference: Paperback and Mobi

You can follow Laurel on:
Twitter: @hightowerlaurel
Facebook: /laurelhightowerky 
Instagram: laurelhightower

Todd Keisling

Special Guest

TODD KEISLING is the author of Devil’s Creek, The Final Reconciliation, and Ugly Little Things: Collected Horrors, among other shorter works. He lives somewhere in the wilds of Pennsylvania with his family where he is at work on his next novel.

Twitter: @todd_keisling
Instagram: @toddkeisling

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