At Dead Head Reviews we want to be a voice for horror, and underrepresented voices, not just during months dedicated to them, but all year round! We feel offering features, showcasing more in-depth articles, will allow us to do that. As such, we’re looking for articles on horror, dark fantasy and sci-fi. We welcome standalone content features as well as serialized.

Features will be overseen by our Head Copy Editor, Elle Turpitt, outside of specific events.

PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to ensure every pitch receives the attention it deserves, please be sure to submit only one pitch per e-mail. We welcome you to submit multiple pitches, but each must be its own individual e-mail/document.


To pitch your article, please send an e-mail to dhrfeatures[at]gmail[dot]com with the following information.

Subject Line: [Pitch] – Article Title

Body of the e-mail:

  • Short summary
  • Stand alone or series
  • Estimated word count (longer articles are fine, but will be split)
  • Estimated delivery date OR frequency for a series (once a month, etc)
  • Any other information you feel is relevant

If you are sending it for a specific date/event/season etc (Christmas, Independence Day, etc) include that information so it can be scheduled accordingly.

Once the pitch has been accepted, the article itself can be copied into the body of the e-mail and attached as a Word Document. Be sure your e-mail contains any relevant images and/or links related to your content.

If you have any questions, please feel free to direct them to the “dhrfeatures” e-mail account.

Please note, we are not currently a paying market, but we are aiming to become one in the future.

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