Pride in Horror Month: Art Gallery

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by LGBTQ+ creators and LGBTQ+ allies.

Artwork Details:
“Frank N. Furter”
Digital Illustration
8″ x 8″ (originally 15″ x 15″)
8″ x 8″ prints may be purchased for $10 USD each.
Please contact me if you are interested in full sized (15″ x 15″), mounted/framed prints.

About This Artwork:
“Frank N. Furter”

The Rocky Horror Picture Show was one of the first times I saw sexuality presented in a fluid manner in a film, and I found Frank N. Furter to be a perfect example of freedom and sexuality. As an elder millennial, growing up in the late 80s and early 90s I found that there wasn’t much representation in media, so seeing a character as bombastic and self-confident as Frank N. Furter was exhilarating. He was sexy, mysterious, hilarious and incredibly charismatic. However, throughout the movie we saw glimpses of the man behind the mask, a dark and sinister, but ultimately lonely person. In an era in which the portrayal of LGBTQ+ themes and the community in general was often skewed in one way or another, it was a relief to see the amount of depth and balance in Frank N. Furter’s character. 

I’m from the Caribbean, and for those who are unaware, it hasn’t been a utopia for LGBTQ+ people. I have several friends who identify as such, but for the most part such things were kept under wraps as much as possible. Since moving to the United States, I’ve seen more and more people come out and be confident with themselves, and recently my home island has had its second ever Pride parade.

To me, Frank N. Furter represents opening my eyes to a world beyond what I grew up with, and inspires me to embrace who I am, and to be as accepting as I possibly can be to everyone I meet. 

Contact Info:
Facebook / Twitter / Instagram: @nsdillustration

Nicholas Small (he/him), the artist behind NSD Illustration, is a Barbadian-born illustrator who currently resides in Pittsburgh, PA. Specializing in graphic design and digital illustration, he has freelanced for private, corporate and several non-profit organizations, including Six PenceGames, The United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women ( UN Women), AAC Institute and Global Links.

Artwork Details:
This is an updated digital version of an original watercolor painting I created 4 years ago, and I just did it for fun/DHR – so it’s not for sale! But it’s called Defiance.

About This Artwork

I originally came up with the idea for this piece just after I’d relocated from one side of the country to the other. I felt unsettled and unsure of myself, unsteady in my unfamiliar surroundings, and lacking direction. I didn’t know who I was, or who I wanted to be; the years before had been almost totally encompassed by an extremely abusive relationship, and my most pressing thoughts up until this point had been only of escaping.

I drew this colorful vampire lady almost as an act of defiance. I was lost, and I was struggling, and I was confused – but I was still going. Like my art subject, survival was a key factor in every choice I made. I wanted to reflect the strength, power, and danger that I felt from my situation in my art – and so Defiance was born.

Being who you are isn’t easy. Making the best choices for yourself – whether they’re leaving an abusive relationship, or finally coming out as the person you were truly meant to be – can be very, very hard. Finding the strength and courage inside yourself to prioritize your own needs and wants takes time and patience, but don’t give up. 

Defy anyone who makes you feel that you aren’t worth being loved and happy.

Contact Info:

Cassie is an over-caffeinated, crafty bibliophile and rainbow enthusiast. She creates artwork sold in her Etsy shop focused on color, horror, pop culture, and more recently, boudoir. In addition to her artwork and obsession with rainbows, she writes about and reviews horror fiction on her blog, Let’s Get Galactic

Artwork Details:
“Boone: Out of the Shadows” digital art on iPad 

About This Artwork

Clive Barker’s Nightbreed (based on his 1988 novella, Cabal) is both stunningly beautiful and deeply flawed, but I hold it dear to my heart for the revelations (and emotions) it gave me. Monsters in fiction almost always embody the Other, and Nightbreed’s are no different, but they are also a powerful symbol for queerness and gender. Would we still read Nightbreed as queer were Barker straight? There’s no denying that background adds another layer to our analysis.

The movie is a (sometimes heavy-handed) metaphor for division in our society. For me, seeing the Midians embrace their otherness despite being both ostracised and persecuted, and Boone finding solace within that community, made me understand that however different I might feel, there are always others like me somewhere, I simply needed to find them. I chose to paint Boone in his Nightbreed form to highlight his true nature, and while it’s perhaps a little clichéd, I added the rainbow to link his image with the symbol of Pride. “Some see us as monsters,” he might be saying. “They fear us for our differences. But our community is tolerant, open and accepting of all otherness. At the heart of it all is love.” 

Contact Info:

Tabatha Wood (she/they) 
Twitter: @meringutang 
Facebook: @tlwood.wordweaver.

Being creative, in any medium, is as important to my mental well-being as eating and breathing are to my physical self. It nourishes me emotionally, challenges me to try new things, and keeps me curious. For me, making art is never about how “good” you are, but about immersing yourself in how exciting it feels to unlock that visual, creative part of yourself. 

Artwork Details:
“Metaphysical Exploration” Watercolor and Digital Mixed Media Collaborative artwork

About This Artwork
“Metaphysical Exploration”

This piece is a collaboration between my sister, (Colors By Kiki) and I (CreateOlivia). My sister made a beautiful watercolor of a character from Sabriel by Garth Nix. I took that picture, entered GIMP, and ran with it. 😉 I love photo manipulation and “net art” (who remembers THAT 2010+ Tumblr genre lololol). I haven’t touched it and made a proper “piece” since around that period, like, 10 years ago. I recently began working for a software company and have greatly expanded my knowledge of certain programming aspects. I came back to photo manipulation with this enhanced knowledge. This has made the once indiscernible world of computer art a fun reading assignment for me to explore with excitement. 

Though I did not hear/read Sabriel until I was older– I know it is a series I would have loved just as much when I was a child. Series that go over a fem protagonist mentally exploring herself and the world around her have always been what I gravitate toward. When I was 14, I started noticing hair on my face. Thus began the path down to questioning whether or not I was actually “born a woman.” It took me well over a decade to figure out that a silly binary brainwash doesn’t define how fem I am. Or anyone else for that matter. This piece explores my inner femininity and the mutations my views of that inner femininity have undergone. Also how gender/sexuality/love– and the views OF them, should be explored with excitement toward normalization and not hate. 

Contact Info:

@CreateOlivia on instagram

CreateOlivia works alongside her mother and sister at to create miniature clay sculptures as well as digital artwork.

Artwork Details:
“Heaven is a Place on Earth” Watercolor painting

About This Artwork
“Heaven Is a Place On Earth”

This watercolor illustration was inspired by the surprisingly pleasant & emotionally touching Black Mirror episode “San Junipero”. Starring Mackenzie Davis & Gugu Mbatha-Raw, the story tells of love that transcends life, technology, society, and even death; all to a totally rad 80’s soundtrack.

Contact Info:

Colors By Kiki
@colorsbykiki on instagram

I’m Quianna aka Kiki- founder of and lead creative here at Colors by Kiki! We are a small family owned & operated business based in Olympia, WA! Along with the behind-the-scenes help of my wonderful fiancé Paden, I am fortunate to have my mother, Michele, (who makes beautiful hand crocheted art) & my sister, Olivia, (who specializes in clay art) both working with me!

Artwork Details:
“Brotherly Love: Babadook and Gritty”
Watercolor painting 8″x10″

About This Artwork
“Brotherly Love”

This watercolor illustration was inspired by my favourite adopted gay icon: The Babadook! I thought it would be fun to imagine the Babadook as a wacky partner with Philly’s beloved hockey mascot and political rascal, Gritty. It seemed only natural that Gritty would be in support of equal rights and LGBTQ+ issues. And c’mon who couldn’t fall in love with the charming and mysterious Babadook right back?! Anyway. This is my head canon and I’m sticking to it.

You can buy prints of this piece here

Contact Info:
Twitter: @imaginariumcs
Instagram: @imaginariumarts @thejackalopes.warren

Ellen is an artist, photographer, writer and designer. She works here at doing all sorts of shenanigans. She likes petting dogs, drinking coffee, and eating potato chips. She’s a pansexual gal in a hetero presenting relationship and she doesn’t really care what you think of any of that. Buy her art and stuff. Thanks! 🙂

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