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Please read the following submission guidelines and disclaimers
thoroughly and carefully before submitting your content for review.
Submissions made without regard to our guidelines will be dismissed.

We will ONLY reply to inquiries via E-Mail sent to

We DO NOT accept submissions via Social Media.




Dead Head Reviews accepts submissions of book and movie reviews, essays, articles, short stories/poems, interviews.

Submissions are accepted and published at the discretion of Dead Head Reviews Admins. Content creators will be notified of acceptance of their submissions, but will not announce the date and/or time of publication.

If your submission is denied or rejected by the Dead Head Reviews Admins because it does not comply with our guidelines, you may not resubmit the piece even if the resubmitted item includes new content.  You may submit something on an entirely different subject at a later date.

Dead Head Reviews (DHR) Admins generally select the Headlines and Titles for posts, but you are welcome to suggest your own. Suggestions will be subject to discretion of Admins/Editors and with consideration for space/readability.  We reserve the right to change the title of articles/reviews as needed. Short Fiction/Essay titles will remain as submitted.


Dead Head Reviews requests first-time print rights for all accepted submissions; reviews may be posted to submitting party’s own blog, GoodReads, Amazon, etc after publication on DHR blog.  We also request that items first published to DHR receive an “Originally published on on XX Date” in acknowledgement on subsequent publications/postings.

Original copyright for content belongs to the submission author, with nonexclusive publishing rights granted to DeadHeadReviews (for electronic publication unless otherwise noted.)


We accept submissions from contributors worldwide, and gladly accept translated content! For submissions translated from another language into English, we are less concerned with grammatical accuracy as we are of solid writing content and creativity.  We know that not everyone speaks English fluently, or may not have access to a top-notch translator; online translation tools are fine! Our Editors will review your translated copy and provide necessary grammatical alterations if needed.

Please, be sure to read all rules and guidelines
before submitting via form or e-mail.

Submissions made without regard to our guidelines or parameters may receive an auto rejection with or without notice to the submitting party.


We generally prefer submissions to be a minimum of two hundred fifty (250) and maximum of two thousand (2,000) words.  Longer pieces may be submitted for consideration, but please be aware the contents may be split into multi-part blog posts for readability.  Word count does not include title, byline, or related information.

Your submissions will be edited by the DHR Copy Editors, but we expect you to submit professional final drafts for consideration.  Please proofread your own work for spelling errors, typos, and basic grammar errors before submitting.

We expect all submissions will have a strong introduction, fluid transition between subjects in the main body paragraphs, and a solid conclusion.  Do your best to avoid using sentence fragments or run-on sentences. The semicolon will be your best friend if you wish to craft long sentences; it is a great grammatical tool used to link together two sentences referring to the same subject.

It goes without saying, but please do not review a book you haven’t read through at least one time and thoroughly understand its contents. If you’re not sure about a book, or don’t understand it’s message, please do not feel pressured to submit a review. (Same applies to movies/shows.)


Our team uses a variety of platforms to read submissions.  Our preferred format for submissions via e-mail is in the body of an e-mail with an attachment included as a Word Document.  Reviews that fail to meet our format guidelines will be automatically rejected with no confirmation.

If your submission includes related images, please place it as an attachment with clear file names in .jpg or .png formats only.  List your attached image files with your e-mail signature.

Do not send video media via e-mail; we accept links to YouTube or Vimeo for video media.

Along with your submissions, please include your name, e-mail address, website, social media usernames (Twitter preferred).

In addition, please include publication information for your content. If your content has already been published/released, please provide a link.  If your content is soon-to-be released, please provide publisher/studio information, release date, format(s) it will be released in, and any other applicable information.

Alternatively, we have a Submission Form which can be easily found by scrolling to the bottom of this page; at this time the form does not accept attachments.


The Dead Head Reviews “byline” format is as follows

  • Name of Person Who Wrote Submission
  • Preferred Social Media Handle
  • (If applicable:)  I received a copy of X item from the (Publisher, Director, Author, etc.) in exchange for review consideration. 

Review by Bilbo Baggins
Twitter: @TheOneAndOnlyBilboBagginsOfHobbiton
Instagram: @Hobbitons1nOnlyBi1b0BagginZ
I received a copy of “The Lord of the Rings” from the Author, J.R.R. Tolkein, in exchange for review consideration


If your submission is a review, you do not need to provide a super detailed summary of plot points, but including at least a short synopsis somewhere in the body of the review text is preferred.  We know, “They can just read the back cover!” but the name of the game is helping creators find their audience, and a little insight into story plot will help immensely.


If you are reviewing a book, movie, show or other form of media, please be sure to include the following along with your text based review:

  • Title of Book/Movie/Show
  • Author/Editor/Director
  • Illustrator/Photographer if applicable
  • Publisher/Distributor
  • Link to Amazon or ThriftBooks or HalfPrice Books (Amazon generally preferred)
  • If an item is unavailable on the above sites, include a direct link to the creator’s website where we can purchase a copy of the item.
  • Image of Book Cover, Movie Poster, or Basic Promotional Image we can include


Although we do not require it to be included at this time, In an effort to be more mindful and inclusive of others, we suggest content warnings be included whenever possible.

  • If your review contains spoilers, please provide a “Spoiler Alert” warning at the top of the review.  Some people do not mind Spoiler content, but others prefer to avoid
  • If the media you’re reviewing contains problematic content, please add a “Trigger Warning” at the top of the review; please list trigger categories and/or specifics as you see fit. (Suggested trigger content including but not limited to the below bullet points)
    • Abuse: domestic, child, verbal, physical, emotional, relationship, etc
    • Sexual Content: sexual abuse, pedophilia, rape, sexual assault, explicit sexual scenes, BDSM, implied sexual situations, May/December relationships, gang rape, group sex, etc.
    • Mental Health: suicidal ideation, cutting, graphic depiction of suicide, talk of suicide or death, mention of self-abuse, etc
    • Body Image: body horror, eating disorders, restrictive eating, anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, fat phobia, fat shaming, etc.
    • LGBTQIA: homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, related hate crimes, LGBTQ related slurs, conversion therapy, etc.
    • Xenophobia/Racism: related hate crimes, racist language, hate groups, ethnic slurs, religious persecution, etc
    • Extreme Violence: graphic descriptions of violence, gang violence, gun violence, extreme gore, extremely bloody, dismemberment, serial killers, graphic crime scene description, torture, etc.
    • Substance Abuse: heavy drug use, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, substance overdose, descriptions of being high/drunk, explicit content describing injection/usage, etc.
    • Medical Trauma: chronic illness, explicit description of surgeries, body horror, medical experiments, medical abuse, medical procedures, etc


Although Dead Head Reviews does not have a “positive review only” policy, we do have guidelines for negative review submissions.

  • Criticism must be professional, eloquent, and constructive.  Choose your words thoughtfully; we expect negative criticism to be fair and balanced, not vindictive or cruel.  It’s natural to find faults or negative aspects within a book, but we urge you to remember that there are real live humans out there who have worked hard to bring that book to publication. Do your best to provide constructive criticism reviewing the author/creator’s ideas and not injecting your own personal agenda. If you’re submitting a negative review, please do your best to highlight the positives in equal light.
  • We request you end your negative reviews with a positive wrap-up or highlight. Our goal is to promote the content creators we support, help them grow an audience, encourage their growth as a creator, and provide honest feedback.  While we don’t expect you to have a 5-star/A++ rating of everything, we do expect you to provide 5-star professionalism when reviewing. We would like negative reviews to wrap up on a high note instead of a sour one. Our general advice for negative reviews is to begin and end on a positive note, with the negative content sandwiched between. 
  • If a reviewer finds little to no redeeming qualities in a piece of media, please do not submit this item for review.  We do not endorse or accept “edgy” negative rants here; you can post those to your own review outlets.  We receive dozens of submissions at a time, and prefer to use our time highlighting books with redeeming qualities of interest.
  • Negative criticism must be substantiated.  We will gladly publish reviews with negative feedback, but it must be logical and reasonable criticism.  We will not accept review content with flippant disrespect to the author, a personal vendetta, or for which you just arbitrarily decide you hate.
  • Sometimes you may accept an item for review, and then realize you may not be the target audience for the media.  It is okay to return the item into the DHR Team’s review pool, and pass along to someone else more suited if you wish.  You may also choose to review the item anyway; in this case, we urge you to remember: the review should be as objective and neutral as you can remain from an outsider’s standpoint.  Critique the item as it relates to the target audience, not your own personal interest or investment in the subject.


  • Failure to abide by our rules will result in your email being automatically deleted.
  • Physical copies of books or any other tangible product we receive is considered a gift, and will not be eligible to be returned to sender, or have monies paid for that product/shipping & handling.
  • If you do not hear back within one month from sending us your inquiry, feel free to send a follow-up email.
  • Reviews will be posted on Goodreads and Amazon. If we fail to do this, please contact the Dead Head email or the reviewer specifically. Also, if you have any additional website where you’d like us to leave a review, add that in your original inquiry.
  • If you have a specific reviewer that you would like to reach out to, then feel free to contact their personal email. Everyone’s contact information is located on the CONTACT US page. Each reviewer has a preferred book format, sub-genre(s) they tend to gravitate towards, and a description of what they are all about. Know that information before reaching out to them.
  • At any point and time we may update our policy with or without notice. Therefore, it is recommended to read the policy page each time before submitting.



Dead Head Reviews abides by
for bullying and/or harassment.

While it is unfortunate that we have to make this disclaimer at all, we have been around long enough to understand bullying/harassment is something that must be addressed.
Dead Head Reviews believes strongly in protecting the well-being, safety, and reputation of its reviewers, contributors, and staff as best we are able.

If you harass a Team Member/Reviewer about not reviewing/interviewing you, or not getting to your book as quickly as you expect them to, complain about what was written in a review, harass/bully our reviewers in any other way, or if it is proven that you harassed/bullied anyone within the horror/writing community, consider yourself permanently cut off from our services. 

If you harass an Admin, Editor, or Team Member about not accepting your content, or not getting to your pitch as quickly as you expect them to, harass/bully our Team in any other way, or if it is proven that you harassed/bullied anyone within the horror/writing community, consider yourself permanently cut off from our services. 

Additionally, any/all unprofessional conversation(s) with and/or comments made in regards to our reviewers may be “screenshot.” Should our staff deem it necessary, screenshots of inappropriate conduct may be released publically to the rest of the community as a warning of your unprofessional conduct.

Dead Head Reviews will not give any further warning.

At Dead Head Reviews, we are committed to doing what we believe is best for the community and its people, and that will never change.

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