[Review] – Tomb of Gods

From the outside, Tomb of Gods sounds like a typical horror tale in Egypt; an expedition follows some crazy markings into a mountain tomb in Egypt in search of answers and relics. I was expecting mummies, booby traps, and curses. What I got was so much more! Seriously, I was frequently surprised by things asContinue reading “[Review] – Tomb of Gods”

[Review] – Monstre

Release Date: 15th September, 2020 I will preface this by saying I am a sucker for apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic tales, especially ones that are large. There’s something about a diverse cast, a full set of locations, and an endless list of ways for things to go wrong, that gets me excited to dive headfirst intoContinue reading “[Review] – Monstre”

[Review] – The Magpie Coffin

The Magpie CoffinBy Wile E. Young Death’s Head Press has a new Splatter Western series, and it’s kicking off strong with The Magpie Coffin! Salem Covington collects lives and stories in gruesome and brutal ways in an effort to save his soul. Tied to his Gun (which whispers to him and protects him against allContinue reading “[Review] – The Magpie Coffin”

[Pride In Horror Month] Following the Dead Tracks: A Short Story

Trigger Warning: May contain sensitive content. 1 What was it Kyle said? On Tuesday nights, he goes for midnight walks. That must be why he’s not answering his phone. Maybe he doesn’t take it with him. I suppose I never asked. There’s still so much I don’t know about my new boyfriend. It’s only beenContinue reading “[Pride In Horror Month] Following the Dead Tracks: A Short Story”

[Devil’s Creek Week] – Aiden’s Review

Devil’s CreekBy Todd KeislingBook Release: June 16, 2020 Give us that old-time religion. Oddly enough, I have never read cult horror before; at least, nothing of which comes to mind. It’s always been a genre that terrified me. I remember trying to watch a movie about it once, but I turned it off in itsContinue reading “[Devil’s Creek Week] – Aiden’s Review”

[Feature] – Meet the Dead Heads: Aiden

Welcome to our next Meet the Dead Heads feature, today with Aiden Merchant. Aiden was one of the earliest contributors to the website, and is always willing to participate in any of the special features we host here on DHR. How did you come to join Dead Head Reviews? I helped the founder, Garrett, createContinue reading “[Feature] – Meet the Dead Heads: Aiden”

[Review] – Ketchup On Everything

By Nathan Robinson This novella came to me as a random recommendation spotted on Goodreads (and by “random recommendation,” I mean I read a positive review in my timeline and decided to look up the title). You see, I’m a lot more likely to tackle something new and out of the blue if it’s easilyContinue reading “[Review] – Ketchup On Everything”

[Women In Horror Month] – The Goblets Immortal

By Beth Overmyer It has been many years since I’ve read anything in the fantasy genre, save The Hobbit. Seeing as I’ve made a promise this year to continue expanding what I read, I thought I would give The Goblets Immortal a chance at reeling me back into the land of mystical creatures and wizards.Continue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – The Goblets Immortal”

[Women In Horror Month] – Gemma Amor . Part I

The Intro An introduction may hardly be necessary – considering the whirlwind of success Gemma Amor saw in 2019 – but an introduction will come, nevertheless. Last year, I discovered a large number of independent writers worthy of a bestseller’s list, Gemma Amor being one of my ultimate favorites. I read her first story collection,Continue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Gemma Amor . Part I”

[Review] – Piece of Me

By Steve Stred Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery was the third or fourth book I read by Steve Stred in 2019. It was also my first time entering the world you’ll find in Piece of Me, thanks to the story, “For Balder Walks.” It was bleak, enigmatically magical, and frigid – I literally got chillsContinue reading “[Review] – Piece of Me”