[Author Spotlight] – Jessica Guess

Patrick and Brennan had the pleasure of hosting Jessica Guess, Author of “Cirque Berserk”, on this week’s episode of Dead Headspace Podcast! We also invited her to share with us her Top 5 Recommended reads and Top 5 Recommended movies to watch right now. Check out her answers below, and read through to the endContinue reading “[Author Spotlight] – Jessica Guess”

[ Juneteenth Spotlight ] – An Interview with Bianca X

This interview was transcribed by Laurel Hightower from an original audio recording. Any notations in Bold were made by Interviewer or our Editor. Interview with Bianca X LH: When you were first getting into reading, horror or otherwise, were you able to find representation that spoke to you, either in authors or characters? If so,Continue reading “[ Juneteenth Spotlight ] – An Interview with Bianca X”