[Devil’s Creek Week] – Aiden’s Review

Devil’s CreekBy Todd KeislingBook Release: June 16, 2020 Give us that old-time religion. Oddly enough, I have never read cult horror before; at least, nothing of which comes to mind. It’s always been a genre that terrified me. I remember trying to watch a movie about it once, but I turned it off in itsContinue reading “[Devil’s Creek Week] – Aiden’s Review”

[Devil’s Creek Week] – Elle’s Review

Devil’s CreekBy Todd KeislingBook releases June 16th 2020 Jacob Masters preaches to his congregation at Devil’s Creek, but he doesn’t preach from the Bible. Instead, his are the words of a nameless god, who demands pain and sacrifice. When the church burns to the ground following a mass suicide, there are few survivors. Those who walk away includeContinue reading “[Devil’s Creek Week] – Elle’s Review”

[Printables] – Saturday Morning Scenarios “Horror In The Windy City” Printable Activity Pages

[Special Feature] – Saturday Morning Scenarios “Whispers In the Dark: Horror In the Windy City” and “The Devil’s City”

The DeadHeadReviews.com team is pleased to be celebrating all Saturday Morning by reviewing The Devil’s City novelette in advance of the Saturday Morning Scenarios Kickstarter project for the novelette and HH Holmes themed RPG setting Horror in the Windy City for Whispers in the Dark. All Saturday long we will be posting reviews of “TheContinue reading “[Special Feature] – Saturday Morning Scenarios “Whispers In the Dark: Horror In the Windy City” and “The Devil’s City””

[Women In Horror Month] – Diversity and Women in Horror Month

Being part of a mostly marginalized group has its moments of extreme suck. You can take pride in being part of that group and still speak out about the suck. It doesn’t mean you don’t want to be part of the group (I like my tits, thank you very much) but that you want peopleContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Diversity and Women in Horror Month”

[Women In Horror Month] – Interview with J. Askew

Dead Head Reviews (DHR): J. Askew, thank you so much for joining us today. Your first short stories were published in September, with your eighth coming in January – most are sci-fi/horror, so what draws you to those genres? J. Askew (JA):  Sometimes I feel like sci-fi and horror are the only genres that can move me,Continue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Interview with J. Askew”

[Women In Horror Month] – Women of Cosmic Horror

When asked my thoughts about women writing horror, I have often said that women are well-suited for the genre. Horror is an intense and primal emotion, and I believe women are taught to access and understand emotions, their complexities, their sources, and their impact from an early age. We are taught that violence is aContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Women of Cosmic Horror”