[ Pride In Horror Month ] – “Jook Joint” and “The Outfit”: A Review

It’s no secret that the world of Comics is dominated by white men, from creators to characters. Although many of these creators and their heroes are considered historic icons, it’s high time we push for a change. This overtly cis, hetero, white presence has got to move over and make space for new and diverseContinue reading “[ Pride In Horror Month ] – “Jook Joint” and “The Outfit”: A Review”

[DeadHeadRooViews] – Welcome to DeadHeadROOViews Week!

FOR THE FIRST SEVEN DAYS OF MARCH 2020,WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THE “DEADHEADROOVIEWS” SPECIAL FEATURE WEEK LONG CELEBRATION OF“THE ROO” BY ALAN BAXTER! “This all started with a ridiculous situation on Twitter. There was a news article going around with the headline: ‘Australian Town Terrorised By Muscular Kangaroo Attacking People And Eating Gardens’. You’llContinue reading “[DeadHeadRooViews] – Welcome to DeadHeadROOViews Week!”