[Review] – Ketchup On Everything

By Nathan Robinson This novella came to me as a random recommendation spotted on Goodreads (and by “random recommendation,” I mean I read a positive review in my timeline and decided to look up the title). You see, I’m a lot more likely to tackle something new and out of the blue if it’s easilyContinue reading “[Review] – Ketchup On Everything”

[Women In Horror Month] – Laurel Hightower interviews V. Castro

Laurel Hightower (LH): First I want to say how much I liked Maria the Wanted. This book, and your protagonist, were a totally new and exciting take on the genre – I saw you’re a fan of the vampire subgenre, and you were able to breathe new life into it. In seeing your tweets and mentions ofContinue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Laurel Hightower interviews V. Castro”

[Women In Horror Month] – Interview with Gemma Amor . Part II

Photo by Sadie Hartmann. You can follow her on Twitter @SadieHartmann.

[Women In Horror Month] – Gemma Amor . Part I

The Intro An introduction may hardly be necessary – considering the whirlwind of success Gemma Amor saw in 2019 – but an introduction will come, nevertheless. Last year, I discovered a large number of independent writers worthy of a bestseller’s list, Gemma Amor being one of my ultimate favorites. I read her first story collection,Continue reading “[Women In Horror Month] – Gemma Amor . Part I”